Ways To Get Fit In Minutes

Ways To Get Fit In Minutes

Authored by Audrey on December 17, 2018

You can get fit in minutes. Okay, that’s a bit misleading, especially if you thought you could do a few exercises and magically you’d be fit. You know that really won’t happen. What it does mean is that you don’t have to set aside a thirty to fifty minute block of time to workout on those days you’re really busy. You can break your workout to smaller sessions that can fit in between appointments or activities. Studies show that three ten minute sessions of working out can be just as effective as a continuous half hour workout.

Even incidental workouts can help you get fitter.

What’s an incidental workout? It just means getting activity doing every day types of things. If you are vigorous, that’s even better. So when you climb the stairs or sweep the floor, do it like there’s no tomorrow. Put your whole body into the task of cleaning. One study showed that if you had at least thirty minutes of moderate activity every day from doing those incidental tasks, it could reduce the potential of cardiovascular disease by as much as 15 percent. The more vigorous, the better! It’s also burning extra calories. Get out the cleaning supplies, start raking the yard, paint a room and make your home beautiful, while you get into shape!

Check out those four to seven minute workouts.

There’s a number of short workouts for those days when you can’t make it to the gym or as a break from sitting. The four minute nitric oxide dump, for instance, gets your blood circulating and boosts your nitric oxide. Increasing your nitric oxide is heart healthy. It causes the blood vessels to expand, decreases plaque growth, lowers the risk of clotting and increases blood flow. It also helps you get in better shape. You can do the workout created by Dr. Zach Bush by doing four sets of ten knee bends, arm paddles, jumping jacks without the jumping and air pushups. Do it three times a day, no closer than two hours apart.

man doing a squat on a balance ball

Just move more.

Forget the conveniences and live more like your ancestors. Taking the stairs can wind you, but not if you do it every day. You can even time yourself to make it up the stairs faster or try to increase the number of flights you go. Going down them is always easier! If you work on a high floor, you can take the stairs part of the way and take the elevator the rest of the way, building the number of floors for the stairs as you get healthier. There’s a lot to be said for simple activities that take only minutes.

  • Walk faster with longer strides. Studies show that walking faster and taking longer strides can improve your health. People who do this live longer. They also get to their destination faster!
  • Work with your trainer to get some ideas on how to get more exercise on your day away from the gym. If you’re pushing hard at the gym, make those off days light exercise, such as walking.
  • Play with the kids. Yup! You can be a good parent, get your exercise and be a great role model for your kids. Whether you’re shooting hoops, playing tag, hula hooping or mimicking animal movements the kids will love it and you’ll get healthier. So will they.
  • Exercise while you work. There are exercises you can do at the sink, ones you can do at your desk and even exercises when you’re driving. They may not be the only answer to fitness, but they can help get you fit faster.



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