3 Vibration Plate Benefits for Fitness

3 Vibration Plate Benefits for Fitness

Authored by Marshall on August 18, 2022

Are there lots of benefits of a vibration plate workout? The short answer: YES! Vibration plates can aid weight loss, burn fat, and enhance blood flow. Learn more from your friends at Jack City Fitness—we’re experts on the benefits of vibration platform workouts!

You’ve probably seen vibration plates before—at the gym, on TV, or on social media. If you’ve never actually used this piece of equipment, you probably have a few questions—and that’s where we come in. At Jack City Fitness, we’re well aware of the many vibration platform benefits that athletes can enjoy, and today we are sharing our knowledge with you. 

What Are Vibration Plates?

A vibration plate is a piece of workout equipment that can help athletes shed extra fat and weight, improve their blood flow, gain muscle, and more. It is also sometimes referred to as a vibration platform or shaking machine.

Vibration plates are generally designed to be placed on the floor, where athletes can perform a variety of workouts on top of them. As their name suggests, they shake or vibrate. These vibrations are thought to encourage muscles to contract on reflex, causing them to work harder and leading to fat burning, muscle gains, increased strength, and better blood flow.

What Does a Vibration Plate Do?

Vibration plates are unique in that they encourage reflexive movement rather than anything conscious. When you perform a workout on a vibration plate, whether it’s a crunch or a squat, your muscles automatically and quickly contract. This causes you to burn extra calories on top of the workout you’re already getting. 

What Are the Benefits of Vibration Plates?

There are lots of vibration board benefits for athletes to enjoy. We’ve narrowed it down to our top three. 

1) It’s Great for Weight Loss and Fat Burning

Are you hoping to reduce body fat or shed a few extra pounds? Vibration fitness has long been associated with weight and fat loss. This has been proven by studies, which show that long-term use of vibration plates is the best bet for fat loss that lasts. 

2) It Can Help You Build Strength

While vibration plates are frequently referred to as a piece of fat-burning equipment, that’s only where the benefits begin. Athletes who don’t intend to burn fat can also experience major benefits of vibration platform workouts—they are a great way to build strength and power! In fact, studies have shown that after only eight weeks of biweekly vibration board training, participants’ long jump scores had improved substantially. That’s a great indicator of strength!

3) It Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you want to increase your cardiovascular flow and enjoy lower blood pressure, vibration plates might be the right tool for you. Studies have shown vibration plate workouts led to lowered blood pressure levels in athletes who are classified as overweight or obese. 

Benefits of a vibration plate

Who Should Try Vibration Plates?

Vibration plates are one of our favorite pieces of equipment for several reasons, some of which we’ve listed below. Another huge perk of vibration plates? They are super accessible for athletes of all types to use, whether you’re a newcomer to the gym or exercise every single day. Vibration plates are useful for athletes of any level, accommodate all sorts of workouts, and can even offer a low-impact workout option for those with differing needs.

That all being said, if you are considering vibration plate training as your first-ever workout (or first in a long while), we recommend you get in touch with a dedicated workout coach. They will be able to talk to you about your fitness goals, confirm you are choosing workouts that suit your needs and ensure that you are using proper form and working out safely. Once you get the hang of the workout, you can strike off on your own or continue with your trainer—that’s up to you!

Experience Vibration Plate Machine Benefits at Jack City Fitness

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