David Woody

Beyond The Gym

    • Let’s get Real. What is your largest health and fitness thorn? How do you prune this thorn?

      When I was in high school I had a multitude of injuries and surgeries. They left me weak and in pain. Now I am less weak and in way less pain, but dealing with my old injuries is definitely one of the largest fitness thorns I deal with on a week to week basis. ATG training, Kettlebelling, and corrective exercise has helped me manage and build beyond what I thought was possible and I continue to learn so I can help myself and others better.

    • Results matter Most. Why are you a Personal Trainer? What motivates you to Coach people?

      I underwent my personal transformation from overweight and in pain, to where I am now over the course of years. I spent much of that time studying, working out, and trial and error to identify what my unique case needed to get me back to healthy. I quickly found while working in physical therapy that it made me a unique resource for people dealing with all sorts of injuries and pain who wanted to get healthy. I also have a deep desire to help people avoid some of the pitfalls of training that led to my injuries when I was younger. Being a personal trainer has equipped me to help others train for performance without sacrificing their long-term health in the process.

    • Education is Success. How are you better than all the other personal trainers?

      What makes your Coaching different? I educate myself constantly and I’ve collaborated and worked with tons of clinicians, practitioners, and coaches and I believe that I have accrued a wealth of knowledge to be able to help athletes from all walks of life. I also have a long term vision for my athletes. When I connect with them, I identify a few of the urgent tasks that need fixed now and after that it is all about establishing long term health. I want to help all people who come to me build independence, strength, mobility, endurance, and eventually power.

    • Are you human? Who are you outside of the Gym? What are some of your hobbies you enjoy?

      I love climbing, being active, playing games, being with my family and dog, learning new things and staying busy. I try to stay involved with my church, discipleship group, and spiritual rhythms. I’m also a huge nerd who loves storytelling, sci-fi, fantasy, and everything associated with story. When I’m not pursuing one of my many hobbies, or nerding out I like to spend time with my wife. We met in high school and have been on an adventure ever since, quality time with her is extremely important.

    • You’re my People. When is the best time to connect with you? How do you like to meet new clients/friends?

      I like to meet people in all the various places that I find myself. The climbing gym, the greenbelt, hiking trails, the church, this gym. All of these are wonderful places to connect with me! I also stay involved in my community by leading a young adult group which gets me out and among the people. But if it’s a cold greeting and I don’t know the person I love to meet people for coffee!