Marshall cannot start any introduction about himself or what he stands for without first explaining that he is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything he does in life has a purpose for Him, and he enjoys every minute of being a Christian. Thanks to Him, he has accomplished many things, and met a vast amount of people along the way. Although Marshall’s journey through life started and continues here in Boise, Idaho, his faith and involvement in sport has taken him many places around the world.

Marshall considers the most important aspect of his personal training regimen the vast diversity of instruction that he received as an elite athlete. While his passion was found in hockey, Marshall received sport-specific personal training from professionals in the fields of football, soccer, basketball, baseball, speed skating, body building, and even power-lifting. When it comes to understanding the clients physical or mental condition, he has no problem letting them know he understands the challenges they are experiencing and what still lies ahead.

Marshall is seeking degrees in Exercise Science and Marketing, and a minor in Psychology. He is a Certified Personal Trainer through multiple distinctions to bring maximal results to his clients. When it comes to creating a program or performing an exercise, one must keep in mind that everyone is different regardless of what science or statistics may say. Marshall’s knowledge in a wide range of sports and instruction has helped him find correct and safe ways to help individuals of all ages achieve their goals and prevent injury.

Rachel began her journey into fitness at a young age while playing a variety of sports ranging from volleyball to track to gymnastics. She comes from a big family of ten kids, and because of that, she has learned to appreciate each person for their own individual and unique personalities and abilities. Rachel was asked to coach volleyball for a youth girls’ team at age twenty, and from there her interest for fitness grew. She has experience prepping clients for shows, functional training, strength, and injury prevention for athletes.

Over the years, she’s learned how much a person can control the way their body responds to a program by utilizing nutrition to aid the process and by learning a sustainable lifestyle instead of a quick fix. The difference fitness has made in her own life is amazing. She is managing stress and emotions much better, and carrying a confidence that she never had before. This will translate to every facet of an individual’s life; she loves being able to share what helped her and allow her clients to discover the same lifestyle!

Rachel believes each and every person has a different story and as a Personal Trainer she wants to help them discover their own potential in life. Regardless of whether a person has never stepped foot into a gym before or has been an athlete all of their life, she can help them achieve their goals by giving them the tools needed to live a healthier lifestyle. She encourages focusing on the small goals first to achieve long term success later. She will tailor nutrition and training directly to each client’s goals and will continue to motivate them with results.

Tim has worked nearly a decade in fitness and has trained and written high performance, intelligently designed programs for a wide variety of people from beginners to advanced clients to athletes. He trains to prevent injury while developing strength and power. He considers everyone’s injury history, fitness level, and goals in developing their program.

Tim’s goal is to help you become stronger, move better without pain, perform better and train for health and longevity.

Morgan grew up in Nampa, Idaho and has been an athlete since a young age, competing in track, football, and motocross until his decision to pursue professional motocross/supercross in high school.

Because these are a year-round sport, this required Morgan to move to California during the winter months to train with trainers on and off the bike. He became a better athlete, met his goals, and raced professionally for a little over four years with accomplishments such as the Canadian National Motocross Series, getting multiple Top Five Finishes and finishing the series with National Number 6.

During reaching these goals, he became increasingly interested in fitness and keeping the body in shape to do one of the hardest sports in the world. Because he’s sustained and come back from several injuries, prehab and rehab are a huge part of what interests him in Kinesiology. Morgan believes that knowledge is endless, and he strives to learn something new every day as he helps people feel better about themselves and accomplish their goals.

Preston was born and raised in a small town in So-Cal. As a child, he played sports year-round, eventually finding his love for baseball. In high school, he sustained a serious injury in his throwing arm from years of abuse and improper training. His baseball career ended, but his love for health and fitness began.

Preston went on to a Junior College where he narrowed his interest into Kinesiology. From there he attended CSUSB University and finished his degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science, while working as a trainer and lecturer to fellow students. This deep dive into Physiology and Biomechanics allows him to have a better understanding of why we move and how we move- so he may safely and effectively instruct others on new movements or improve familiar ones. Being an athlete, he knows what it’s like to fight for the leading edge and is an educator at heart who wants to teach others how to manage their own health or guide athletes to the next level.

For more than seven years, Alicia has worked as a fitness professional in multiple environments, including boutique fitness studios, a structured weight-loss program, and as a high-demand trainer with one-on-one appointments as well as Small Group Training classes.  As a former collegiate soccer player at Oklahoma State University, Alicia turned her passion for athletics into a career helping people improve their general fitness, health, and well-being.

Working with a variety of clientele such as the general population, athletes, kids, seniors, high-level executives, and those who are weight-loss focused provides a variety in program designs and keeps every day new and exciting. As a fitness professional, she likes to see positive goal-achieving results, but she especially loves watching clients learn and implement healthier lifestyle choices in their daily routine.

Recently moved from Dallas, Texas, Alicia is ready to use her knowledge and experience to inspire the JCF community!