Team Personal Training

Team Personal Training in Boise Idaho

What does the word TEAM mean to you?

Sometimes, it means a group of people that you play a competitive sport with. However, it’s often referring to something else entirely. A team can be the accounting department in your office, or the members or your sorority, or your hiking club. A team is a group of people connected by a shared situation, goal, idea, mission, or passion.

To succeed, your team must be powerful. It’s often said that a team is as strong as its weakest members. Our answer to that? Build one that’s unbreakable from the start. Whether your team performs on a football field or in a chemistry lab, it’s crucial to ensure that every member is in good physical and mental health. How to achieve that? With team fitness personal training.

What is Team Fitness Training?

When you work with a team fitness gym, your entire crew will have the opportunity to streamline their strength and conditioning with an expert fitness coach. Over the course of a shared training session, team members will build camaraderie and trust for each other, as well as gain personal confidence, strength, and ability.

Who Can Participate in Team Personal Training?

– Sports Teams
You want to win, so let’s get into fighting shape. Team fitness training is highly effective for sports teams of all types. The shared experience helps players work together during future games, while the streamlined physical training provided will have the team moving effortlessly, like a perfectly oiled machine.

– Work Departments
Whether you’re a group of doctors, chefs, police, or developers, one thing’s for certain: your colleagues and you are a force to be reckoned with. For a group-building activity that’s as enjoyable as it is effective, try heading to a team fitness gym. It will be motivating, build camaraderie, and give everybody on your team a chance to gain important new skills that will enhance their mental health, their physical health, and their work performance.

– Activity Clubs
A fitness or activity-based society, like a hiking group or a cycling club, will benefit greatly from attending a team training session. Not only will it bond you as a group, but it will also teach the group new physical skills to bring more enjoyment and better performance to your activities. Your coach will work with you ahead of your session to craft a fitness plan that suits your shared goals for the club.

– Social Organizations
Team training activities are a great way for sororities, fraternities, and other social clubs to bring their group together for a memorable, productive, and fun bonding event.

Does My Team Need to Be Athletic to Participate?

Though we work with many sports teams and athletic groups, our team training sessions are not limited to those with previous experience or knowledge in fitness. That’s what our coaches are here for — to share their love of fitness. Team training sessions allow us to share our passion and knowledge with beginners, and learn and find inspiration from the pros — we see everybody!

What Are The Benefits to Team Personal Training?

– It Keeps Your Team Equal
If you’re the coach of a sports team, you know that not all of your players are on the same level — that means financially, physically, and in terms of experience. Sending everybody to the same coach for the same training is a great equalizer. It’s more affordable than one-on-one training sessions, so you can ensure that all of your players have the same opportunities to build their strength and technique.

– It Brings Your Team Together
Bringing your team together for a personalized training session will lead everybody closer. It’s a shared experience that everybody can touch upon if things become intense later on, whether that’s on the field, in the office, or out in the wilderness.

– It Helps Your Team Stay Healthy
By participating in a personal training session, your team is learning new skills and techniques that will help them stay in great physical and mental form — recent studies have even shown that working out in groups can significantly reduce stress.

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