Superset vs Compound Set: Knowing The Difference

Superset vs Compound Set: Knowing The Difference

Authored by Marshall on March 22, 2023

If you have spent much time in the bodybuilding or lifting communities, you’ve probably heard the terms “superset” and “compound set” from time to time. These two lifting techniques are similar in many ways, so athletes sometimes group them together. However, despite their similarities, there are significant differences between superset and compound set techniques.

In this article, we will cover the differences between the two, explore their benefits, and offer advice for athletes interested in trying these fitness methods. If you come away with any more questions about supersets and compound sets, get in touch with our crew! We’re fitness experts and are happy to help clarify. 

What Are Supersets and Compound Sets?

Supersets and compound sets are different yet similar strength training techniques. To understand the difference between superset and compound set methods, let’s cover each topic separately. 

What Is a Superset?

A superset is a type of workout that involves performing two different routines without a rest in between sets. Superset exercises are chosen to train two opposing muscle groups. So, a typical superset might involve a set of leg workouts followed by a set of shoulder workouts, with little or no break time between the two. These are then performed in reps. 

What Is a Compound Set?

Like supersets, compound sets are done by performing two different routines without a break between sets. However, there is a key difference between compound sets and supersets. Compound set exercises will both be chosen to train the same muscle group rather than opposing ones. For example, a compound set might involve two different upper body workouts performed back to back with little or no rest time between sets. 

Benefits of Supersets and Compound Sets

Both supersets and compound sets are valuable techniques that have several benefits. Many athletes choose to utilize both methods in their training! To help you understand the benefits of both supersets and compound sets, we will explore both separately. 

Benefits of a Superset

Supersets are hard work, but they deliver some exciting results. Many athletes choose to crush supersets as part of their training routine because it offers these handy benefits:

  • Efficiency and Time

Busy athletes often turn to supersets due to their doubly-intense nature. Supersets allow for an effective resistance training program in much less time than the traditional varieties can offer.

  • Flexibility

There are loads of workouts and exercises that lend themselves beautifully to being used in superset training. This adaptability makes it accessible to more athletes with differing needs and preferences. 

  • Better Aerobic Action

Why just train for strength when you can include some cardio too? Supersets can turn your regular resistance training into an aerobic workout as well—and that comes with its own laundry list of benefits, from optimized metabolism to better heart health.

Benefits of Compound Sets

Compound sets are categorized by the muscle group targeted during workouts. Unlike supersets, compound sets all target the same muscle group, allowing athletes to hone in on a specific area. It’s an efficient and rewarding way to focus on a specific goal.

Like supersets, compound sets are highly versatile and can utilize all sorts of workouts. Some athletes choose to alternate their compound routines, so they focus on upper body compound sets one sesh but move on to legs the next day. Other athletes like to use a combination of both compound and superset techniques for a more varied routine. 

When to Use Supersets vs. Compound Sets in Your Workout

Not sure whether supersets or compound sets are better for your workout needs and goals? You might find that one suits you better than the other, but many athletes settle on a combination of both. We recommend having a chat with your fitness coach about your options. They will be able to help you determine which of these workouts will be better for your unique physique, background, fitness goals, and experience. If these types of workouts are currently too advanced for you, tackling some progressive overload training with your coach can help you work your way up there! In fact, your coach will help you develop an entire personalized workout plan that goes with YOUR lifestyle. 

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