Some Amazing Science Using Your Own Stem Cells

Some Amazing Science Using Your Own Stem Cells

Authored by Audrey on July 4, 2018

At one time, only the use of fetal stem cells were used, until scientist found stem cells in adults. From there science advanced and in 2012, John Gurdon from the British Gurdon Institute in Cambridge and Shinya Yamanaka from the Japanese Kyoto University received the shared honor of the Nobel Prize for Medicine with their studies that found ways to use those adult stem cells act like embryonic stem cells. That created some amazing science using your own stem cells to repair the body without the potential of rejection. There are all types of studies now, including stem cell for tooth replacement that is undergoing human testing next year. There are tests being done on using stem cells to repair everything from the heart to boosting hair growth. With all this science now available, there’s even more evidence why a healthy lifestyle can help you live longer.

You’ll boost your stem cell production by eliminating sugar.

A specialist in regenerative medicine and Interventional Orthopedics, Chris Centeno, M.D., wrote about the things people can do to boost their production of stem cells and improve their quality. The first on his list was to cut out sugar. He recommends going on a low carb diet like the ketogenic diet or Atkins diet to help get your sugar under control. Giving up sugar is one of the hardest things most people have to do. Not only is addictive, it’s in everything that’s processed.

Pump iron and get fit aerobically to boost stem cell production.

There is mounting research that shows that lifting weight is good for reversing osteoporosis, but now there’s also research that shows active older people and animals have healthier stem cells that help create more bone. It also shows that when you exercise you boost your muscle stem cells. Chris Centeno says he requests people coming to his clinic for orthopedic use of stem cells get slightly more exercise than the average American who exercises regularly to help boost the production of stem cells.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if there were life giving alternatives or life improving alternatives you couldn’t use.

When reading the article on stem cell, it crossed my mind that there may be a large block of Americans who won’t be able to use the new technology when it comes along. Why? The answer is simple, they won’t have healthy stem cells or enough stem cells. While we know that exercising regularly and eating healthy is beneficial for keeping the body in optimum shape, it’s interesting that it also helps keep your stem cells building for the future use in the body. It’s just one more reason to make lifestyle changes now.

  • Intermittent fasting and lowering caloric intake help boost the production of stem cells. One animal study showed that fasting for as short as 24 hours could boost the growth of stem cells.
  • Get plenty of vitamin D3 and vitamin C. One animal study showed that feeding an elderly rat a mixture of blueberry, green tea, vitamin D, and carnosine made the stem cells as viable as a younger rat.
  • Sleep helps boost the health and production of stem cells. Studies show that like mechanisms that influence your sleep cycle also influence stem cell production. The division takes place in a rhythmic night and day cycle.
  • We now know that not only do the things that protect cells and create a healthy lifestyle, also promote the growth and proliferation of stem cells. When you eat healthy and exercise regularly, you’ll be boosting your health and the health of the future you.



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