Slimming Snacks

Slimming Snacks

Authored by Audrey on October 25, 2018

It’s not a sin to eat between meals. In fact, some slimming snacks can even boost your weight loss efforts and improve your health. These aren’t necessarily exotic foods or super foods and can easily be found in Boise. These snacks are filled with nutrition, while being lower in caloric intake. They contain vitamins, minerals and fiber to add to your normal meals and may even lower your hunger level at meals. If you don’t eat between meals, for fear it will spoil your appetite at supper, maybe it’s time to start.

Don’t start snacking blindly. Plan your snacks ahead of time.

If you decide to snack between meals, don’t wait until you’re hungry and then hunt for a snack. Plan it ahead of time or you might find yourself munching on donuts, cookies or a frozen Snickers candy bar. (I had one client that hid the those in her freezer to prevent the kids from a sugar O.D. However, she knew where they were when she had a snack attack.) Stock up on healthy snacks like fruit, cut up fresh veggies and even nuts.

Store your snacks portion ready.

If you’re trying to shed a few pounds, don’t leave anything to chance. If you’re munching on fresh vegetables, but love a little dip with them, measure out and store a one serving amount of dip. Those small plastic containers with lids like you get when you order take home salad or order dressing on the side is the perfect way to do it. Bag up one serving sizes of nuts. While raw nuts are better, roasted ones will also provide nutrients. Don’t worry about serving size when it comes to fresh vegetables. It’s hard to eat too many calories when you’re consuming raw vegetables.

Snacking can boost your efforts to lose weight.

Having a healthy snack ready between meals can reduce your food intake at the meal, just like your mother told you it would. However, there are other ways it can help you lose weight. It lifts your spirits and energy levels, especially in the late afternoon. It also can boost your mental capacity, while giving you a feeling of satiety and pleasure. You won’t feel deprived when you have snacks available.

  • Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and nuts are obvious choices, but plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit add is another good one that fills you up and provides a lot of nutrition.
  • When you snack, make your snack count. Make sure it contains healthy fat—such as avocado, protein—like nuts, vitamins—such as vegetables and/or fiber. It should boost your nutritional intake.
  • Want a great low calorie snack that will fill you with its fiber? Try homemade microwave popcorn. A brown paper lunch bag filled with ┬╝ C kernels and folded can be put in the microwave for a quick snack.
  • Get fancy and combine foods for a snack. A bit of nut butter spread on an apple slice is delicious.



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