Popular Fitness Myths Debunked

Popular Fitness Myths Debunked

Authored by Marshall on March 25, 2023

It does not matter how much time you spend at the gym, how many years you have been working out, or what your fitness goals are. Everybody has heard fitness myths from time to time—and likely believed them as well. That’s because myths about fitness are everywhere. You might not even realize how often you hear them! Fitness myths come from all sorts of sources, like loudmouth friends stating personal opinions as facts, social media influencers spouting half-truths, or old disproved theories or superstitions that still somehow get airtime.

Today, we will talk about the importance of debunking myths about fitness and explain why a few famous ones are untrue. Unfortunately, there are many more fitness myths out there than we have time to discuss or debunk today—but ideally, this guide will provide skills and resources for you to continue your quest. Your fitness coach will also be able to help you stay on course!

Why Debunk Myths About Exercising?

Because we can, and it is so important to be informed, especially when it comes to exercising safely. It will make you a better athlete and help propel you toward better results.

Plus, it is 2023, and we have a whole world of information at our fingertips. That means athletes can do proper research on exercise and fitness—and that includes fact-checking information that seems baseless or “off.” Often, this process organically ends up busting some common fitness myths!

Can Myths About Exercise Affect My Fitness Journey?

Of course. Understanding exercise principles are necessary for achieving athletic success. If you believe unfounded myths about fitness, you will not be able to see the full picture. This can slow down your process or even cause injury or harm. 

Some Common Fitness Myths, Debunked

There are countless workout myths floating around that need debunking. While we can’t possibly cover them all in one article, we have collected a few of the most common ones.

  • You Can “Confuse” Your Muscles Into Bigger Gains

Experiencing a dreaded fitness plateau? Perhaps you’ve heard that varying your workout through a technique called “muscle confusion” can help you break through and start achieving big gains again. Lots of athletes wanted this theory to be true. After all, who likes a plateau? However, studies have indicated that muscle confusion is not an effective theory in terms of breaking physical plateaus and affecting gains. Bright side? Many athletes do find that it helps in terms of mental motivation.

  • You Can “Work Off” Certain Spots

Let’s say your fitness goals include weight/fat loss, and you have certain areas in mind. Lots of athletes come to the gym hoping to lose weight in a specific area. While specific workouts will certainly help tone and strengthen muscles in those areas, your individual results will depend on your unique circumstances, like genetics and your body type. Everybody stores and loses fat differently, regardless of what workouts they do.

  • Tons of Protein of All Kinds Is Always Required for Gains

Yes, protein is very important. Yes, many athletes consume protein after a heavy workout to help aid muscle recovery and encourage gains. However, everybody is different. What you should ideally eat before or after a workout will depend heavily on many factors: your unique physique and fitness levels, your goals, and the type of exercise you’re engaging in. Plus, not all protein is the same: plenty of high-protein foods have additives and ingredients that many athletes try to avoid.

What’s the best way to incorporate the right amount and type of protein into your post-workout diet? We recommend working with a nutritional counselor. They will have tons of helpful hints, recipe ideas, and myth-busting knowledge to help you out. Plus, your counselor will be able to work with you to develop a meal plan that works with your unique circumstances to help you see the results you want.

  • No Pain, No Gain(s) 

Many athletes experience post-workout discomfort called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). A common assumption is that DOMS is a signifier of a great workout that will lead to huge gains. This may very well be true. However, if you smash a huge workout and don’t feel any pain the next day, that does not mean that your exercise was all for nothing! It’s a myth that your body needs to experience Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness to gain muscle from a workout. In fact, as you grow as an athlete, you might find that you have fewer instances of post-workout soreness. 

  • Gyms Are Only for Certain Athletes

No! Enough! We can’t stand gatekeeping of any kind, especially in the world of fitness! At Jack City Fitness, we know that the world of athletics is expansive enough for everybody to join—and that includes folks of all shapes, ages, sizes, and physical abilities. Don’t listen to anybody who says that athletes must look or move a certain way. They are perpetuating dangerous myths and are not worth your time or energy. If you want to engage in any kind of fitness, guess what: you’re an athlete! 

Have a question about fitness information that was not listed here? No worries! Our team has the answers you need when you need them. Get in touch with the Jack City crew. We’ll help you discern fact from fiction.

Fitness myths debunked

How To Avoid Falling for Myths About Exercise

What is the best way to avoid falling for any myths about fitness? Stay informed and always fact-check! There are lots of ways to remain vigilant in your research and ensure you are only learning truths about fitness. 

Some of the easiest ways to do this include:

  • Working With Professionals

Learn from experienced, qualified athletes. We recommend working with a personal fitness coach during your exercise journey. One of the many personal training benefits is having a knowledgeable coach whose guidance you can trust. They will ensure that you are only learning true, helpful information about exercise and will bust any myths that you may have heard along the way.

  • Learning From Trusted Sources

Your fitness coach is a fantastic resource, but they are not the only person who can help you bust myths. There are plenty of reputable fitness and health sources that you can access at your own convenience. Many universities and healthcare organizations have published official articles and papers about exercise and fitness. They are interesting to read and are based on facts and research.

Some professional athletes and sports scientists have also made YouTube or other social media channels. Be sure to do your research to verify that they have the expertise necessary to teach others. Read their bios, check out reviews and comments, or even ask your fitness coach if they have heard of them. Once you have found the right ones, these e-channels can be fantastic resources!

  • Listening to Your Gut

Do you ever hear a fitness or health fact that just seems weird? Don’t second-guess your intuition. Trust your gut and follow that feeling! Spend some time investigating by contacting your fitness coach, asking trusted fellow athletes, and looking into reputable resources.

Once you have debunked any myths about exercise, it’s time to spread the word! If the fitness myth you just debunked came from someone you know, we believe it is best to tell them what you discovered. It will help them prevent any mishaps or injuries and will stop them from spreading that myth to more people who may not research as scrupulously as you.

Stay on the Right Path!

If you are determined to succeed as an athlete, you’re already on the right path. By making an effort to separate fact from fiction and debunk common fitness myths, you are making that road even clearer. We’ll help you along this journey, and we are in for a great ride together. 

At Jack City Fitness, we offer athletes the chance to join a thriving workout community where learning and understanding exercise is an integral part of the overall experience. Our fitness coaches and class teachers have the expertise and training necessary to help athletes of all levels safely and efficiently meet all their goals—without any myths or misconceptions disrupting their process. 

Let’s get started! Call (208) 999-1111 today for a FREE fitness consultation and tour of our facility. Once you sign up to become a Partner, you can enjoy our 24/7 facility right away. We can’t wait to meet you, help you bust myths, and see you smash all of your fitness goals!



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