Tips for Fun Partner Workouts

If you think life is better with two, you might like working out with a partner. Ab workouts, paired yoga, medicine ball exercises; with partner support, gym time can be even more enjoyable and productive with a buddy. Workout hour and social hour can intertwine here at Jack City Fitness! We have loads of fun partner workouts for you to try — and the coaches to ensure you both have perfect form.

It Takes Two: Tips for Partner Exercises

Everybody has a different workout style. Some choose to hit the gym solo, others feel best in a classroom setting, while still others prefer partner workouts. The latter, a buddy workout, is a great way to further bond with somebody while encouraging each other to hit goals, keep going, and see results.

Whether you’re after intense partner workouts or a gentler fitness journey with a pal, it’s possible at Jack City Fitness — we offer small training sessions for 2-4 people! In the meantime, feel free to look at some of our tips for productive and fun partner workouts.

  • Choose a Buddy With Similar Goals

Let’s say you want to build your upper body strength, while your best friend is trying to lose a significant amount of weight. Though both of you are health-conscious and can always support and encourage each other, you might not choose to be workout buddies. After all, your workouts will consist more of lifting and muscle-building activities, while your friend will probably focus on cardio and other fat-burning workouts.

Your friend will have a better experience working out with somebody who also has weight loss goals. Likewise, a lifting partner is likely a better fit for your own journey.

  • Check-In With Each Other

Heading home after one of your more intense partner workouts? Check-in with your gym buddy. Talk about how your workout is making you feel, whether you are starting to see results, or if you have any concerns or things you’d like to work on as a pair. Open communication is important with any partner, from a colleague to a spouse to your gym buddy. Give the relationship the respect it deserves and stay on the same page!

  • Hold Each Other Accountable

Accountability is key when it comes to hitting any goals, from honing your abs to learning a new language. Lots of athletes rely on their coaches to hold them accountable — but those who engage in a buddy workout can do that service for each other.

Holding each other accountable means creating set workout times so canceling isn’t a (polite) option. Ir also means touching base with one another even outside of gym hours — it can be as simple as a muscle emoji or a short text saying, “I’m doing pushups now…are you?”

You can even introduce some friendly competition as a way to keep one another motivated and wanting to improve.

  • Unwind Together

You work hard as a team, so why not enjoy some post-gym time together? After a gym session, you two might enjoy tucking into a healthy meal, lounging at the park, or catching a film together. You can talk about your workout and goals, or you can just relax as friends. Your shared experience is sure to bring you closer, and knowing you have a social reward at the end of your workout makes it even more fun.

  • Work With Experts

Working with a coach will ensure that you and your workout buddy have proper form, and are focused on your unique goals. At Jack City Fitness, we offer group training slots for 2-4 people so you can have all the benefits of a one-on-one session with your accountability buddy right by your side.

Get in touch with us today to give our Boise gym a visit — you can meet our coaches and try a FREE fitness consolation! Once we partner up, you’ll have 24/7 access to our facility, as well as options for classes, coaching, and more. Just call (208) 999-1111. We can’t wait to meet you.