How To Push Through A Plateau

How To Push Through A Plateau

Authored by Audrey on January 27, 2018

I often get a question from new clients about how to push through a plateau. The answer I always give is to avoid plateauing in the first place. That’s easier done when you workout with a trainer, but even then, it occasionally occurs, so I’ll address both avoiding plateauing and pushing through it if it occurs. Plateauing often occurs when the body becomes too efficient at doing an exercise or specific group of exercises. While efficiency is good in everyday life, when it comes to workouts, it’s not good at all. It means the body adjusts to the workout and burns fewer calories. To avoid it, trainers provide a wide variety of workouts so your body is always working at the max to accomplish your goals.

It’s easier to lose weight when you first begin a fitness program.

It just makes sense that your body has to move harder and burns more calories when you weigh 160 pounds than it does when you weigh 130 pounds. That extra weight is like carrying a 30 pound barbell continually. Your body requires fewer calories to maintain that lower weight. You either have to work harder or eat less. It’s one reason I constantly assess your fitness level and adjust the workout accordingly. The fitter you are, the harder you work and the more calories you burn.

If you’re still plateauing, rethink your goal.

You may be literally working your bottom off, but not seeing any weight loss on the scale. Here’s where you have to remember that it’s not always about shedding pounds, but also about being healthier and looking better. This is the point where inches do count. You probably are finding your clothing is loser or doesn’t fit at all. That’s good and exactly the reason you started on a fitness-weight loss program. Muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue does, so when you lose inches, but not pounds, you’re building more muscle tissue.

Are you eating healthy but taking too much leeway in your diet?

Healthy eating allows you to eat high calorie foods occasionally and in small amounts. Occasionally doesn’t mean every day or twice a day. Healthy eating also includes what you drink. If you’re following a healthy diet to the letter, but washing down the food with a soft drink, you’re pounding on extra calories that you don’t need. Re-evaluate your eating pattern before you start believing that you’re never going to shed those pounds.

  • Keep the faith. If you’re doing everything right, you’ll lose weight. Sometimes water weight makes a difference. That’s one reason you shouldn’t weight yourself every day. There are fluctuations that have nothing to do with actual weight loss.
  • Stay active outside the gym. Take the stairs, ride a bike to work and keep moving. That adds to the number o calories you burn on a daily basis.
  • NEVER hate yourself for not losing weight. In fact, NEVER HATE YOURSELF AT ALL. It’s counterproductive. You should be your own best friend, no matter what you weigh.
  • Learn to enjoy working out and all the energy you get from exercising. You’ll eventually shed the pounds, but in the meantime, enjoy all the benefits a more active lifestyle brings.



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