How Many Calories Can You Burn Walking?

How Many Calories Can You Burn Walking?

Authored by Audrey on August 26, 2020

The more active you are, the more calories burned. Walking is a perfect way to achieve that: it’s an adaptable activity you can do almost anywhere! Whether you choose to stroll on the streets or at gyms with Woodway treadmills will depend on your preference — and the weather! Our Jack City team is here to help you learn more about walking, calories, and just how much you can burn on the go.


Does Walking Burn Calories?

For most of us, walking is a daily activity, whether it’s around the house, around town, as a form of exercise, or all of the above. Walking is a fantastic way to get your blood flowing, clear your head, and, if it’s happening outside, get some fresh air. It’s also a great way to promote joint health and leg strength. 


But since it’s not as intensive as, say, running, some people wonder if there are many calories burned walking. 

The short answer to this question? Yes, of course walking will burn calories. After all, any form of physical activity will use some calories — even sleeping!  When you consider this, it makes sense that walking burns calories. 


Still, walking is a very broad concept. The number of calories you burn on a walk will depend on many factors, like your own body weight, the pace or speed you maintain, and the amount of time or distance spent moving.  


Let’s dive deeper into this subject.


Time and Activity: How Many Calories Burned Walking 1 Hour?

The answer to this will depend on your current body weight, as well as your personal walking pace. For example, let’s say you weigh 140 pounds. You go for a three-mile walk to your friend’s house and it takes you an hour. You’ll burn four calories a minute during this stroll, or 224 over an hour. However, that same walk would burn more calories if you weighed 200 pounds. In that case, at five calories per minute, you’d burn upwards of 300 by the time you got to your friend’s place. 


There are lots of apps and athletic calculators that show how many calories you burn on a miles-per-hour basis. You can also reference this handy chart:

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How Many Calories Do You Burn Walking a Mile?

Determining how many calories you’ll burn walking a mile — or any distance — will be quite similar to calculating your walking calories per hour. Like per-hour walking calories, what you burn will depend on what you weigh and what pace you keep. 


Of course, not all walks are created equally. An hour’s walk through the hilly streets of San Francisco will use far more calories than a level stroll through downtown Denver. Trekking through the snow against a heavy wind is going to be a much more physical experience than walking around a shopping mall for an hour. These circumstances will certainly play a role in how many calories you burn over the course of a mile. 


As with calculating one’s walking calorie rate by the hour, there are multiple apps, websites, and products to help you better understand how much you’re burning at any given time.


Does Walking in Place Burn Calories?

With all this talk of mileage, it makes sense that many athletes wonder whether they can burn calories while walking in place. 


Don’t worry, gym-goers. Though strolling around town, going for hikes, and running errands on foot are all great ways to burn calories by walking, they aren’t the only ways. Plenty of athletes prefer to do their walking indoors, and on a piece of equipment, like a treadmill or an elliptical machine. 


Here are a few reasons that some athletes prefer their walking exercise to be stationary and/or indoors:



  • It’s More Consistent


As we discussed earlier, several external elements affect how many calories you’ll burn while walking. By walking on a piece of fitness equipment rather than outdoors, you are giving yourself a more controlled environment to work out and burn calories. Things like wind and weather, incline, or type of terrain won’t play into the experience, making it easier for you to create a solid routine with results you can count on. 



  • It’s Usually Customizable


An enormous plus of workout machines: You can customize them to suit your athletic abilities Most treadmill or elliptical machines allow for athletes to enter their weight, choose a difficulty level, or even input their heart rate using sensors. These options allow athletes to create a workout experience that suits their own unique needs. 



  • Weather Isn’t a Factor


Sure, some diehard runners or walkers will happily hit the road during a thunderstorm, heatwave, or blizzard. However, a significant number of us don’t feel that way — and that’s okay! Inclement weather is a perfectly valid reason for not wanting to take a walk outside. Indoor walking machines like treadmills give athletes another option, even if their go-to is generally outside. 


What’s The Most Effective Piece of Walking Equipment?

Personally, we’re big fans of the Woodway treadmill. Benefits of this particular machine, known for its unique curved shape, are tenfold:



  • It Burns Extra Calories 


The creators of Woodway report that their treadmill helps athletes to burn up to 30% more calories than they would on other, similar pieces of equipment. This is due to the intense, full-body workout its curved bottom offers.



  • It Promotes Better Form


The unique shape of the Woodway treadmill both encourages proper running or walking form. In fact, some physical therapy centers use these machines for rehabilitation.



  • It Works With You


One of the coolest things about the Woodway treadmill is that you don’t need to press any buttons or choose any complicated programs. Instead, the machine works with the athlete; the belt will slow down if your pace does, and it will ramp up if you go faster. 



  • It’s a HIIT Superhero


The Woodway’s ability to match one’s speed makes it a great choice for High-Intensity Interval Training activities. With this equipment, athletes can easily create short, intense bursts of running as one of their HIIT activities. 



  • It’s Eco-Friendly


Fun fact: the Woodway treadmill doesn’t require any electricity! How green can you get?


Are There Any Boise Gyms With Woodway Treadmills?

You bet! At Jack City Fitness, Woodway treadmills are among the many innovative and popular pieces of workout equipment on offer. We know our athletes deserve the very best!


Curious? Come on out to our Boise fitness center and see for yourself! We’d love to have you over for a FREE fitness consultation — and we’re more than happy to let you jump onto one of our Woodways to see what the fuss is all about. While you’re here, you’re also welcome to peek into one of our classes, chat with our coaches, and ask us any questions. 


To get started, call us at (208) 999-1111. We can’t wait to show you our gym and see what you’re made of! 




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