The Best Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Looking for gifts for gym rats? Anybody who likes keeping active will appreciate workout gifts, so check out our simple guide to fitness gift ideas for your favorite jock.

Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, special day, or “just because,” sometimes the athlete in your life deserves something special. You’ll find hundreds of fitness gifts out there to choose from; what you select will depend on your athlete’s personality and tastes.

To help you narrow it down, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite fitness gift ideas.

For Him
Looking for fitness gifts for men? Workout clothes like running shoes, bike shorts, or swimwear all make great choices.

We like…

  • Michael Phelps Swimwear
    Yes, you can buy your favorite guy some competitive swimwear designed by the legendary Olympian himself. Choose between briefs or jammers, as well as some cool designs. Plus, they also offer swimwear for women!

For Her
When it comes to fitness gifts for her, anything goes, but activewear is a great choice. There are numerous brands and styles to choose from, as well as actual garments. Whether you go with sneakers, yoga pants, a swim cap, or a retro sweatband is up to you.

We like…

  • Salutation Stash Pocket Tight In Powervita™
    Any clothing item – in this case, yoga pants – will always be massively improved by a pocket or two. This pair fits that bill, allowing gym-goers to get their workout on without lugging a bag around or leaving their phone/keys/wallet at home.

For Kids
It’s essential for kids to stay active, and there are loads of fun gifts you can give them to encourage movement. For an outgoing child who thrives in group environments, activity classes like martial arts or gymnastics might be a great way to help them make friends and get moving. For kids who love the great outdoors, a fun piece of equipment can go miles.

We like…

  • Prevelo Bikes
    This brand takes pride in creating “bikes engineered for kids.” We love that they’re not just for street-riding – you can take your little ones out on the trail with one of these.

For Anybody
When it comes to gifts for fitness lovers, there’s one that works for pretty much everybody: a gym. Signing your favorite athlete up to be a part of a gym family helps them pursue their athletic future. It’s flexible, thoughtful, and something that you know they’ll get a lot out of.

Why not try…

  • A Jack City Fitness Partnership
    By making your friend a Jack City partner, you’ll be giving them 24/7 access to a gorgeous, modern fitness center, as well as the opportunity to work with and learn from an incredible staff of coaches and teachers. At Jack City, athletes are a part of a family and have a support network to encourage them every step of the way. You, the gift giver, might even find yourself wanting to sign up too – just let us know. You can come in for a free fitness consultation and learn more about what our partnerships mean. Just call (208) 999-1111!