Exercise Helps You Stay Younger Looking

Exercise Helps You Stay Younger Looking

Authored by Audrey on November 13, 2018

There are lots of ways to stay younger looking. You can consult the best doctor for a little nip and tuck, but sometimes it doesn’t give the look you hoped to achieve. It also doesn’t make you walk younger or make your body healthier. One alternative to that drastic measure is exercise and healthy eating. Stress can also age you before your time, so learn to take it easy on yourself and others. No matter what the problem, you’ll get through it and get through it better if you don’t stress.

Reduce stress other ways.

Sometimes, you just can’t control stress. That’s another spot where exercising works. It burns off the hormones of stress and replaces them with ones that leave you feeling good and at peace. Whether you’re working hard at the gym pressing weights, running a mile, dancing or even taking yoga, it’s all good and keeps those frown lines away.

Boost the production of stem cells.

Cells get damaged. Cells die. They must be replaced with healthy cells or you get sick. The death and damage of cells also cause aging. When you’re active, you boost your stem cell production. Stem cells are versatile and can replace any cell in the body. There’s loads of research that says exercise boosts stem cell production. Doctors who use stem cell therapy for joint injury promote exercise before the procedure and a study in China found Tai Chi increased the production several fold. Besides staying active and working out regularly, you need can use intermittent fasting. The research has been around on fasting for years. More sleep and protecting yourself from radiation, think UV light, can also help boost the production.

The food you eat can boost your stem cell production or impede it.

Sugar and processed white flour products like pasta can make your blood sugar levels skyrocket. Too much insulin can affect the production of stem cells. Pomegranates, goji berries, cranberries, grapes, kefir or other fermented foods and even green tea all have components that can keep you looking your best. Eat a healthy diet that contains a wide variety of color to promote more than just healthy stem cells, but overall good health.

  • To find out if you’re a sugar addict, use chocolate bars to test it. A 100% chocolate bar would have nothing but chocolate, no sugar or other additives. If you try a 70% bar and think it’s not sugary enough, you’re a sugar addict.
  • Research shows that weight lifters produce more and better stem cells. It’s already known that exercise helps prevent osteoporosis, but just to support that, studies show that older animals that are active have more and better bone creating stem cells.
  • Smile! Simple but sometimes hard to do. If you’re reading this right now, smile as though you’ve just seen someone that you really like. You feel better don’t you. Give everyone you pass a smile. You’ll look and feel better and they will too.
  • Walk faster and take longer strides. Sounds simple enough and maybe a little wonky, but it’s true. Studies show that people who walk faster with longer strides, live longer and look younger.



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