Flow Fitness

Flow Fitness will take your training to a new level. Teaching you skills and giving you additional tools in your Fitness belt. We’ll start with tools you are already familiar with like Dumbbells and Kettlebells before we move into more nuanced items such as Clubbells and Macebells (similar to the Indian Club and Gada). Unlike traditional training, our intention is not to muscle the weight around, but make each movement smooth and effortless. A proper Flow demands strength, coordination, rhythm and finesse.

Think back to the last time you had to maneuver an oddly shaped object in a less than optimal position… (you do this all the time). This Class will teach you how to manage the awkward weight and long levers in dynamic positions. You will awaken new muscles, enhance coordination and be connected to your body in a new way. The equipment required is minimal. If you find yourself on the road, or at home you can follow along with our class and practice these skills wherever you are.

Each movement we learn will be like a puzzle piece. As time goes on and your understanding grows, we can then take each puzzle piece and put it together into a “Flow.”

Flows allow for the body and all its parts to work in unison. When you walk away from each class, you will not only have completed a good workout, but will have learned a valuable skill in the process. If you want to make yourself strong and adaptable, join us for our Flow Fitness Class.