The Best Glute Exercises: Staying Ahead With Your Behind!

The Best Glute Exercises: Staying Ahead With Your Behind!

Authored by Marshall on January 27, 2023

It’s a great idea to try some exercises for glutes—no ifs, ands, or butts about it!

If you’re hoping to strengthen and tone your behind, you’ll likely be learning some new glute workouts. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. At Jack City Fitness, we are workout experts, and we know plenty of exciting glute exercises for you to perfect. Once you understand the basics, you’ll be able to master your glute workouts and see results you love.

What You Need to Know About Your Glutes

Before we jump in, let’s cover the basics. Your buttocks are powered by a set of three muscles: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. These muscles are typically referred to as one unit simply known as “glutes,” and they are an important part of your overall mobility. They are responsible for your hip extension, lateral thigh rotation, and other motions required to walk. 

Lots of people develop tight or weak glutes. This can make mobility difficult and can cause pain. However, tight glutes often develop due to factors outside of one’s control, like having a job that requires sitting down for hours every day. Often, this is a reason that people choose to engage in exercises for glutes—they want to move better and avoid pain or injury. 

The Benefits of Doing Exercises for Glutes

  • Better Mobility

Practicing glute exercises can make your daily life easier to walk through. Your glutes play a major role in your movements, like walking, climbing, jumping, or even just standing. It’s important to keep them strong—and your workouts will do exactly that.

  • Less Risk of Injury

Weak glutes will cause you to move differently. This can lead to a “chain of events” that results in potential injury, especially in the knees. By keeping your glutes strong and properly functioning, you will be able to move safely and avoid any accidents. 

  • Reduced Pain

Suffering from lower back pain? Weak or tight glutes may be part of the problem. While we always recommend trying some specific stretches for lower back pain, you can go a step further. By strengthening your glutes through exercise, you may experience less overall discomfort in your lower back. 

  • Toned Bum

For lots of folks, this is the top reason for glute exercises! Engaging in these workouts is a great way to tone your booty and see the results you crave!

Planning Your Glute Workout

If you want to strengthen your glutes, you’re going to need to learn a few classic butt exercise moves. 

  • Establish Your Goals

Before you move a muscle, it’s helpful to establish what you want to get out of your butt exercise journey. Are you hoping to increase mobility? Combat the effects of a desk job? Enhance your aesthetics? Whatever your reasons may be, use them as a blueprint for your workout experience. It’s helpful to break your major goals into smaller, achievable ones. 

  • Work With a Coach

Not only will a fitness coach have ideas and exercises to suit your individual goals, but they will also be able to ensure that you are doing everything correctly. They will teach you how to properly perform every workout and will help you stay accountable throughout your journey.

  • Perfect Your Form

No matter what type of workout you’re doing, bad form can lead to a host of problems. If you aren’t performing your exercises for butt strength as intended, your workouts will feel harder, and you could even injure yourself. Your fitness coach will help make sure that you have perfect form for all of your moves!

  • Warm Up Properly 

Warm-up exercises are vital to athletic success. Period. 

If you skip your warm-up session before your glute workout, you could hurt yourself—and that forces you to stop training. So always properly prepare your body for glute training. Your fitness coach can help you develop an engaging warm-up plan that you won’t want to miss.

  • Check in With a Pro

We always recommend having a chat with a healthcare professional before beginning a new type of exercise plan. This is to make sure that the workout you intend to try is safe for your unique physicality and health circumstances, whatever they may be. 

Butt workouts

The Best Exercises for Butt and Glute Training

At Jack City Fitness, plenty of athletes are training specifically for glute strength. Their workouts incorporate dozens of different exercises for butt and glute power, including:

  • Squats

Squats are a fantastic lower body workout! Not only do they hone your glutes, but they also help keep your legs strong. Many athletes employ several squat variations when specifically targeting their glute muscles. These variations include using exercise bands and dumbbells.

  • Lunges

Lunges (and all of their variations) are classic workouts for butt and glute strength. In fact, your hips, back, and core will benefit from lunges as well. 

  • Kettlebell Workouts

Love kettlebell workouts? Perfect. The kettlebell lends itself to several glute-forward workouts. Next time you’re working your lower body, try incorporating kettlebell swings or sumo squats into your routine. Your glutes will thank you!

  • Deadlifts

Deadlifts help strengthen muscles across your body, including the glutes. There are dozens of variations you can try. If you are new to the world of lifting, you should absolutely ask a coach to help you perfect your form as you begin. It’s safer and will bring on better results. 

Staying on Course

Need to stay motivated to do workouts for butt improvement? Here are a few tips:

  • Make It Fun

It’s crucial that you actually enjoy your workout routine. Otherwise, it’s far too easy to lose motivation and give up. You can avoid this (very common) problem by ensuring that your glute routine is enjoyable for you and your unique interests. Remember, as long as your form is correct, there is no wrong way to work out. Want to have reality TV blasting in the background while you lift? Be our guest. Prefer to do your squats outside in the sun? Enjoy! 

  • Accountability Is Key

You are not an island. If you are struggling to maintain your fitness routine, you may benefit from having an accountability buddy to help keep you on course. It could be a gym pal who has similar goals to yours or a fitness coach with a no-nonsense attitude. They will be waiting for you at the gym to do your glute workouts. This can help ensure that you don’t make excuses to stop working out and moving toward your goals. 

  • Own Your Wins

When you reach one of your goals, see a new result, or simply have a great workout, celebrate it! Share your success with a supportive friend, sing in the post-workout shower, or buy yourself a new pair of pants that shows off your toned bum. You earned it! 

  • Ask For Help!

Fitness coaches are here to help you! If you are struggling to stay motivated in your glute-toning journey, don’t be a lone wolf! Reach out to your fitness coach for some advice on staying on course, or ask one of your gym friends to be your accountability buddy. If you work out at Jack City Fitness, neither of these options will be hard—we have everything you need right here. Our coaches are legendary, our sense of community is epic, and we are open 24/7 to Partners, so you can smash your glute exercises on your unique schedule. You can learn more about Partnering with Jack City Fitness today by calling (208) 999-1111 for your FREE fitness conversation. We can’t wait to meet you!



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