The Jack City Guide to Bench Press Benefits

Whether you choose to perform a decline, incline, or close grip bench press, benefits are coming your way — and we’re here to share them with our partners at Jack City Fitness.

If you’re looking to increase your upper body strength, it’s hard to look past a bench press. Whichever kind you choose, from incline to decline, bench press benefits are impossible to ignore.

What are Some Bench Press Benefits?

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a classic or an incline bench press — benefits go hand in hand with these routines. Some of the notable perks:

  • Your Upper Body Strength Will Soar

One of the best bench press benefits is how strong your upper body will become after engaging in these routines. This is a result of the workout itself, as a bench press utilizes several muscles instead of just one. As a result, your chest, arms, and shoulders all get a hefty workout.

  • You’ll Look Fantastic

There’s a fun side effect to great physical health: it tends to pay off in physical appearance! Prepare for your boring old T-shirts to make you look like a supermodel. Bench press workouts will give you the toned and impressive muscles that you’ve always wanted.

  • It’s Great for Your Bones and Joints

Research has shown that weight-bearing activities like bench pressing are a fantastic way to increase your bone strength. After all, your bones work hard when you undertake some heavy lifting — and as you strengthen them, you’ll be able to perform more demanding workouts.

One of the bench press benefits you don’t often hear much about is better joint health. It’s been shown that this form of exercise can keep your cartilage fresh and healthy, allowing for a better range of joint movement and decreasing the chance of deterioration.

  • You Will Increase Your Push Strength

One of the biggest reasons that athletes love the bench press is that it builds practical strength. By practical strength, we mean the fitness required to move through your everyday activities. That can mean pushing your toddler on the swing for hours and then getting her and her stroller up a steep hill. It can mean bringing a full cart of groceries around the supermarket or even pushing a stalled car off the road. If your push power is strong, these activities will feel like a breeze, and you’ll have more strength for other activities.

At Jack City Fitness, we have all of the equipment and support that you need to hit your goals and perfect your bench-pressing form. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our partnerships, fitness trainers, classes, and gym access by calling (208) 999-1111.