The Batman Gym Workout

Holy muscles, Batman!

Comic aficionados know that, when it comes to superhero strength, Bruce Wayne is the real deal. After all, he’s a self-made vigilante without any magical powers — his tools are his own physical and intellectual prowess. Furthermore, it’s evident that Batman’s impressive physical fitness and strength aren’t just a product of good luck or genetics. He’s written as a skilled martial artist and athlete who logs some serious gym time.

This is great news for comic buffs hoping to emulate their favorite superhero. After all, the Batman training routine, intense and impressive as it may be, is also entirely doable and attainable. There are no magical or otherworldly circumstances required — just hard work, dedication, and clear-cut goals.

What Is Batman Training?

The Batman workout is not an officially recognized routine or program, so interpretations of this type of training will vary. There are dozens of online resources, from fitness magazines to comic book discussion threads, that argue the merits of various Batman exercise programs and compare excerpts from canon DC sources.

The most clear-cut source of all seems to be from a 2011 book called The Batman Files, published by DC. This hefty graphic novel contains a full page dedicated to Bruce Wayne’s weekly workout routine, as seen in his personal journal or planner. According to this source, Batman begins every morning with a half-hour jog, followed by 30 minutes of meditation or yoga. In the evenings, his workout varies, but is always lengthy and intensive. On a Monday, for example, his evening routine includes:

  • Climbing a 20-foot rope (5 sets)
  • Using gymnastics rings (half-hour)
  • Performing high-box jumps (8 sets, 12 reps)
  • Doing crunches (5 sets, 50 reps)
  • Punching the boxing bag (half-hour)
  • Flexibility training (half-hour)
  • Honing target practice skills (half-hour)

If that seems a bit excessive, don’t stress. You aren’t the only one to hesitate. You also probably don’t live in a cave, or have a trusty butler, or a cool billion dollars to fund your endeavors. That’s okay. You’re in good company — and some of your peers have taken it upon themselves to develop a Batman workout that’s a bit more attainable in the real world. One of those peers is workout legend and DAREBEE founder Neila Rey.

By drawing inspiration from the Batman Files workout page and her own expertise, Rey was able to create a more appropriate (but still very intense) workout for would-be vigilantes. Her Batman workout is broken up into three fitness levels, so athletes can choose between either three, five, or seven sets of the following routine:

  • Squats (20)
  • Punches (40)
  • Jumping Lunges (10)
  • Push-Ups (10)
  • Shoulder Taps (10)
  • Slow-Climbers (20)
  • Sit-Up Punches (10)
  • Leg Raises (10)
  • Sitting Twists (10)

Can I Try Batman Exercise Somewhere Locally?

We’re glad to live in Boise, not Gotham. (We’d take Idaho’s natural beauty over comic book supervillains any day!) However, that doesn’t mean that our citizens can’t be just as athletic as Bruce Wayne himself. At Jack City Fitness, our passionate team of fitness coaches is ready to support you through your chosen routine — especially the Batman workout! Whether you want help perfecting your form or encouragement as you progress from one fitness level to another, we are here to support you every step of the way. You’re a superhero to us!

Give us a call today and we’ll invite you to visit our gym, where you’ll be able to undergo a FREE fitness consultation, meet our crew, and decide which partnership program works for you. Once you’re signed up, you can choose between an exciting range of classes, enjoy 24/7 access to our gym, and have options for customized training plans.

We can’t wait to see your superhero strength!