A Guide for the Super Busy

A Guide for the Super Busy

Authored by Audrey on August 16, 2019

Yes, your fitness and physical health is a priority, but so are about eight million other things. The truth is, you work hard. Really hard. Sometimes, that makes finding the time for a proper workout a challenge on its own. And that’s too bad because your fitness regime is supposed to make you feel great— not stressed or unhappy.

However, no matter how busy you are, there really are ways to sneak a refreshing workout into your daily routine without causing stress or making anything more complicated than it already is. We’ve broken down some of our most helpful hints so you can always feel in tip-top shape, even when your life is moving at a breakneck pace:

Keep Your Regiment by Planning Ahead

When it comes to balancing your busy life, being organized is key. This is especially true if a part of that balancing act involves maintaining a healthy fitness routine. Here are a few ways to stay on task:

  1. Write it Down

This can be done in a physical notebook or just on your computer or phone. Keep a schedule of what each of your days looks like and use as much detail as possible. (We sometimes color code it, too!) Find spaces where you think a workout could fit into your schedule without causing stress. Write that in…and stick with it.

  • Set Alarms

Some of us manage to insert extra activity into their days by scheduling small bursts of activities at the same time every day. For instance, every morning at 10, perhaps you want to do a few of your favorite yoga poses. To ensure that you never forget, grab your phone and set yourself a repeating alarm for that time. It’ll hold you accountable.

  • Have an Accountability Buddy

An alarm is great, but having a friend to remind you that you swore you’d take a walk during your lunch break today is even better. Ask a friend to send you a daily text message reminding you of your pre-planned goals and activities.

  • There’s an App for That!

These days, plenty of productivity apps exist for this very purpose: to make your life smoother. Streamline your schedule, and you’ll naturally open yourself up to more time for your health and fitness.

Never Stop Hydrating your Body

Any fitness buff knows how crucial hydration and the consumption of water is for the human body, both while resting and in motion. Some of its best fitness-boosting benefits?

  1. Water Keeps You Full

Sometimes when we’re really busy, we tend to reach for unhealthy, prepackaged junk food or sugar-laden drinks to perk us up. And that makes sense— they’re quick and easy and tend to be pretty satisfying in the moment. However, they don’t tend to satiate any actual hunger or thirst—they only add unnecessary calories, which can derail your entire fitness journey!

Next time you find yourself reaching for a soda when you’re thirsty, think twice. You’re better off chugging some water. It will make you less parched, for starters— and it will also help keep you going.

  1. Hydration Keeps You Energized

The amount of water that you drink is directly connected to how much physical energy you have. In fact, dehydration can seriously affect one’s mood and cause negative feelings like anxiety, depression, and exhaustion.[1]

  1. It’s Dangerous to Work Out While Dehydrated

Physical activity causes you to sweat and lose water. It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re working out, whether it’s a long Saturday bike ride or a short pre-commute jog.

Find Time in Unexpected Places

24 hours is a lot longer than you might think. Though your working and sleeping hours might eat up a large chunk of your day, there will still be moments where you can sneak some movement into your time.

  1. Ditch Your Chair

If your job has you sitting at a desk all day, consider investing in a yoga ball or other movement-based chair alternative. Not only are they fun, but they also engage your core during working hours, keeping you fit while you work.

  1. Take the Stairs

The truth is, an elevator or escalator may seem faster, but the long line of people pushing to use it actually negates that half the time. Add the fact that climbing the stairs is a great form of exercise, and you’ll see that choosing the stairs is always a great decision.

  1. Map it Out

If you find yourself driving to errands that could be done without a car, time to try it on foot. Not only will it give you some fresh air and get your blood flowing, but it’s better for your wallet and the environment.

Don’t Let Yourself Become Sleep Deprived

Not-so-fun fact? Being tired doesn’t only zap your energy and make exercise less appealing and accessible, it also has another trait that can ruin your fitness progress: sleep deprivation raises your cortisol levels, which can lead you to overeat. This obviously doesn’t track well with a fitness plan, but it’s easily avoided. Maintaining a good sleep schedule is absolutely possible, even with a busy life:

  1. Give Yourself a Bedtime

Yes, sometimes it might mean leaving the party just when it’s getting good or recording the finale of that show you’re dying to watch instead of seeing it the night it airs (and avoiding social media like a plague). It’s worth it if you can maintain a healthy sleep schedule.

  • Switch Off

Before bedtime, turn off your stimuli. That means phones, tablets, computers, and televisions should be shut down. Instead of scrolling, take a hot shower and get into some comfortable clothes for sleep. Create a soothing routine for yourself.

  • Move Yourself Sleepy

Certain yoga moves are perfect for winding down after a long day. Find some stretches that help you relax and indulge in them after your hot shower before you get into bed.

Remember to Eat Healthily…And Frequently

This tip is somewhat similar to our hydration tip, in that eating small, healthy snacks throughout the day reduces your chances of chowing down on a bunch of junk. If you stave off on eating all day, only to be suddenly struck by hunger pangs and end up emptying a bag of chips on your way home from work, you’re not helping your fitness goals. Instead, try keeping some of these snacks with you in case of emergency:

  1. Nuts[2]

Not only are nuts filling and loaded with good fats, but they’re also absolutely delicious and come in such a wide variety, you’ll be hard pressed to find one you don’t like.

  1. Apples

Keep the doctor away with “nature’s candy.” There’s a reason we love apples so much; they really are packed with benefits for both physical and mental health. They’re also juicy, easy to eat on the go and keep you full.

  1. Hard Boiled Eggs[3]

Give yourself a dose of nutrients and flavor with a low-calorie bite— eggs only contain about 78 per serve, and they’ll keep you full for ages. We love them plain with a little salt or chopped up and mixed with smashed avocados.

  1. Dried Fruit[4]

Tasty and healthy, dried fruit is packed with fiber and nutrients that make your body strong. They are such a great alternative to sugary snacks— just be sure to check your labels to make sure your dried fruit doesn’t have any added nasties.

Don’t Forget: You’re Only Human

This one is so important. Be good to yourself. If your last meeting went over and you’ve now missed your chance for a post-work jog, that’s fine. If you were too tired this morning for your “daily” bike ride, and you had to drive to class? That’s fine too. Your fitness journey, like any other large undertaking in your life, is not linear. It can’t be— and if you begin to beat yourself up for missing a day of your workout, you may be looking out for your physical health, but you’re ignoring your mental wellbeing. That’s just as important!

Get Into the Habit

Do you have any habits? Chances are, they were learned at some point. Now, you can teach yourself new habits— ones that coincide with your fitness goals.

  1. Walk and Talk

Let’s say you call your sister every Tuesday night for a chat. Usually, you take the call on the couch. Instead, pop your headphones in and call her while you walk down the block. A simple change like this may not feel like much, but it adds up.

  1. A Morning Boost

Set your alarm a mere 10 minutes earlier than normal and treat yourself to a nice stretching session to begin your day. Soon enough, you won’t be able to imagine your morning without it.

  1. An Extra Block

Do you walk your dog every afternoon? Stroll up the street to get your kids from daycare? Head up the street from your office to grab a midday coffee? No matter what errands you do on foot, try to prolong them by taking the longer route. Maybe that means going an extra circle around the block with your pup, maybe it means taking the back roads when you do the pickup. Whatever it is, enjoy some extra time in the fresh air, and give your legs some additional stretching.

Find Activities you Actually Enjoy

Don’t like weightlifting? Don’t do it. Your fitness routine should be about what works for you, not anybody else. Luckily, there are hundreds of options out there for you to choose from. Many of these activities won’t even feel like “work,” since you enjoy them so much— for instance, swimming at the beach, dancing the night away at your favorite bar, or joining your friends in a beautiful hike all feel like leisure activities— but they will keep your body fit and healthy as well.

Find a Buddy

Isn’t everything better with a friend? If you team up with a buddy for your workout endeavors, you may find it much easier to achieve your goals. After all, you won’t want to tell your workout pal that you skipped the gym last night in order to stay home and stream an entire series.

Better yet, if your buddy is local, you can work out together! Whether that means going for bike rides and hikes together, or attending classes together as a pair, you’ll have a partner in your journey to enjoy your success with.

Take to the Internet

These days, you can do just about anything online— even work out. Some of our favorite ways?

  1. Find a YouTuber

Remember when YouTube was just cat videos and viral memes? Those days are far behind us. Today, you can learn anything on YouTube— including how to perform many exercises and stretches. Get searching!

  1. Research your Favorite Workouts

If you’ve found yourself particularly drawn to a specific type of workout or sport, taking to the internet for more information is a great idea. You can learn about how to hone your craft a well as finding a community of other enthusiasts to chat with.

  1. Take an Online Course

Yes, you can take a fitness course online! These innovative programs are ideal for the fitness enthusiast on the go…sound familiar?

At Jack City Fitness, we know that your busy life is unique. That’s why our facilities were specially designed to accommodate Boise’s busiest fitness fans. We offer our partners 24/7 access to our modern and capacious fitness center, so you can work out on your own schedule— not anyone else’s. We also offer high-end fitness and nutrition coaching, a large range of group classes, and even custom training for sports teams. We’re here to make all your fitness dreams a reality— no matter how busy you are, how many responsibilities you hold, and how much you believe it might not be possible for you. We promise— it is! Give us a call today for a free consultation visit and see just how capable you are of changing your life for the better!

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