12 Personal Trainer Pet Peeves

12 Personal Trainer Pet Peeves

Authored by Audrey on December 29, 2018

Please enjoy this over-exaggerated listicle, and don’t let it make you self-conscious because chances are your Personal Trainer loves you, mostly just the way you are. And will forgive you. Below are 12 Pet Peeves that perhaps most Personal Trainers can relate to.

1.Not understanding the 80/20 rule.

Lady saying Oopsie

We’re talking about people not being educated on the 80/20 rule- as in, the fact that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Yes, it’s true. Most people cannot lose weight by working out and also frequenting McDonalds. The more you know…


2. More is better!

Steve Harvey Oh, you crazy!

In other words, when people don’t let their bodies rest. Newsflash, if you’re doing multiple workouts in a day or don’t take a day off, the muscles don’t have time to repair themselves. Yes, there is a such thing as exerting yourself too much. Give your body a break before…well, you break. Yes, we think you’re amazing, but you’re no superhuman.


3. The scale tells all.

Bridget Jones steps on a scale

Ugh, people, stop paying so much attention to the number on the scale. It’s 2018, do you know a thing about body composition? The number on the scale is just a total. What we’re concerned about is what makes up that total. How much of your body percentage is muscle and how much is the stuff that rhymes with gat?


4. The fitness tracking god.

Look. You run in place, you get more numbers.

Please stop trusting your fitness tracker more than your personal trainer. If you haven’t figured out by now, technology isn’t always right. What’s that, Fred, you ran until you reached 10,000 steps yesterday? That’s great. Good for you. Seriously, that’s amazing, but let’s focus instead on the movements and the intensity.


5. Unfit to get fit.

a guy trying to do a pull up

Guess what? A lack of fitness is a reason you SHOULD come to the gym, not a reason you should stay away. That’s right, you don’t need to be in shape BEFORE you come to a gym or join a workout class. Key word here? Come! Classes provide modifications and details to instruction, along with plenty of assistance.


6. So I have these goals…

boy who says he wants to win a million dollars

Bless your heart, people-that-come-in-with-unrealistic-time-frames-to-reach-your-goals. Like, hey can you help me lose 20 lbs in 2 weeks? Short answer….No. Typically you’ll need to work out and eat right consistently. As in, for an extended period of time, yes.


7. If it ain’t broke…

alfred hitchcock doing a workout

No really, you should fix it. Bob, you can’t do the same exact routine you’ve been doing for 20 years and expect different results. Time for a switcheroo. Mix it up. Take a chance. Your body will adapt to a routine if you’ve been at it too long so try a class that offers variety.


8. Excuses, excuses, and…more excuses.

Sorry this week has been like insane

Let’s say it again. Excuses! We’ve all got ‘em. Doesn’t mean we need to use them. Save them for your in-laws. Whatever you do, don’t give them to your trainer. It seems odd that someone would pay you to motivate them, and then make up excuses to not be motivated…but it happens.


9. No, really, I’m fine…

Yeah I'm fine

What do you mean you broke your back? That information would have been very useful BEFORE I programmed your workout. I just thought you hated burpees. Seriously, don’t hide your injuries from your trainer. You’re only hurting yourself. See what we did there?


10. I swear on my workout.

Michael Jordan laughing

When people lie about their diet. That time a client tells you they’ve been completely faithful with their workouts and their diet, but still haven’t lost weight. Here’s the thing…the proof is in the pudding. Sometimes literally.


11. I love getting stood up! Getting stood up is my favorite!

I guess I was little hurt that you ditched me

No-shows, last minute cancellations, last minute scheduling. No, it’s fine I have so much to do with this unexpected free hour, and my wallet is looking pretty full anyways. What’s that? You’d like to reschedule to tomorrow? Why can’t I squeeze you in with so much advanced notice? Where to start…


12. Boom! Make it happen.

Nom nom nom

When people want instant results from training after living a lifestyle that is completely opposite of healthy. Come on, if it were as easy as snapping fingers, everyone would do it. You must be patient and put in the work. A week of training won’t erase years of daily donuts. Though we agree, that would be helpful.







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