Gym Bag Checklist: What To Bring To The Gym

Gym Bag Checklist: What To Bring To The Gym

Authored by Marshall on October 9, 2023

Wondering, “What should I bring to the gym?” Your answers are here with Jack City’s ultimate checklist of workout essentials. 

Basic Gym “Must-Haves”

  • Headphones/Earbuds. Many athletes love to plug into their favorite music or media while they work out. Not only does it make exercising more fun, it can help with focus and motivation! 
  • Water Bottle. Hydration is key to staying safe and energized during and after your workout. In fact, many athletes keep a spare empty water bottle in their gym bag, just in case they forget to bring a drink. 
  • Hydration Materials. Some athletes go a step beyond the water bottle and also bring sachets of electrolyte powder to the gym. This can be helpful during especially intensive and sweaty workouts.
  • Spare Clothing. While athleticwear is built to last, clothing mishaps can still happen. If a super intensive sesh leads to a badly torn pair of shorts or leggings, spare clothing can allow you to complete your workout.
  • Hair Ties. If you have long locks, don’t forget to bring spare ties! It’s much safer and more comfortable to keep your hair out of your face during a sweaty workout. Even if your hair is already up when you arrive at the gym, ties can break, so bring extras!
  • Towel. Many gyms provide towels, but lots of athletes still choose to bring their favorites from home. Microfiber is a great call for a towel to pack in a gym bag since it dries quickly and is lightweight. 
  • Food/Supplements. If you take pre- or post-workout supplements, these are good things to store in your bag. We also always recommend packing a power bar or other protein-packed snack. You never know when you might need it.
  • Compression Gear. Some athletes choose to wear compression gear to benefit their circulation and overall recovery. 

Workout-Specific Things to Bring to the Gym

  • Straps, Bands, Rollers, and Mats. While many gyms provide resistance bands and other pieces of small-scale equipment, lots of athletes choose to bring their own. This can be for hygiene reasons or because they’ve spent time picking out gear that they love! 
  • Swim Materials. If you’re a swimmer, you’ll need to pack personal swim gear like goggles, a cap, and a bathing suit. 
  • Training Gloves. Hitting the sandbag? While your gym may provide boxing or training gloves, many athletes choose to bring their own for good hygiene and a better fit.
  • Chalk. Some bodybuilders chalk their hands ahead of lifting sessions. This can help avoid injury or skin irritation. Some gyms do provide chalk for these purposes, but it’s not a guarantee. It’s easier to just slip some into your bag!

Post-Workout Gym Necessities 

  • Cleaning Supplies. Keeping machines clean and hygienic after use is proper gym etiquette, so most gyms provide materials to clean machines. However, we always pack a few wipes, just in case. 
  • Deodorant. After a sweaty workout, deodorant can be pretty necessary—especially if you’re waiting until you get home to shower!
  • Hygiene Items. Whether you choose to shower at the gym or once you get home, it’s ideal to bring hygiene materials to the gym. These items often include body wipes, skin and hair care materials, hand sanitizer, and tampons and/or pads.
  • Laundry Bag/Cube. Nobody likes a stinky gym bag. (Well, maybe your dog does!) To keep your bag fresh and clean, we recommend packing a laundry cube or plastic bag to stow your sweaty gym clothes until you can throw them straight into the laundry.
  • Socks. After a nice shower at the gym, you don’t want to put your sweaty gym socks back on. That’s why we always pack a clean pair!
  • Shower Shoes. A pair of rubber flip-flops can go a long way, even at a super clean gym. 

Where Are You Taking Your Workout Essentials?

You’ve got the essentials—and so do we. At Jack City Fitness, we provide all the gym amenities and support necessary for athletes to succeed. Our fitness knowledge covers everything from what to pack for the gym to the best workouts for your unique goals and needs. 


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