What Makes A Good Personal Trainer In Boise?

Find Your Perfect Fit(ness Experience) in a Personal Trainer!

Boise is filled with athletes of all different kinds. As the owners of the city’s leading gym facility, our team at Jack City Fitness has learned a thing or two— and we’ve seen that no two athletes have the same routine or needs.

Many athletes prefer to hit the gym in the wee hours and enjoy the quiet, or participate in an online training program. Some prefer the camaraderie and buzz of a group class setting, while others relish in the unpredictable thrill of competitive sport. However, most athletes, regardless of how they stay active, gain important skills and hit goals while working alongside a good personal trainer.

What Makes a Good Personal Trainer?

In the market for a new fitness trainer? Boise is home to plenty of workout and fitness facilities, so it’s important to know what to look for when choosing a personal weight trainer.

Boise athletes, find your perfect fitness match today, and keep in mind the signs of a good personal trainer:

  • They Practice What they Preach
    The best personal trainer (Boise-specific or otherwise,) should always lead by example. Any routine, exercise, pose, or assignment that your trainer asks you to perform should be something that they can also do. Otherwise, it can be hard for athletes to receive proper instruction, or feel secure that their coach truly believes in the benefits of that specific exercise.
  • Fitness is Their Passion
    This rings true about educators in any industry, from high school history to police academy professors: the best ones are passionate about their chosen subject. It shows a dedication to their craft outside themselves and leads to motivated and successful students or trainees.

    A passionless teacher or coach might do their job and communicate all the necessary information to their students or trainees, but it won’t resonate in the same way. For a training session, an athlete is likely to hit their goals (and feel much more connected to their performance,) if their coach is as excited about their progress as they are.

  • They are Empathetic
    Passion and skill are important, but even the most knowledgeable and athletic trainers won’t last very long with clients if they don’t have empathy. Given how vast and diverse the fitness world is, it’s to be expected that personal training candidates come in a massive range of experience, fitness, and skill levels. Though plenty of athletes starting with a new trainer are secure in their skills, some others might be coming from a background of feeling ashamed of their athletic abilities or body. A trainer who cannot empathize with less confident clients could end up behaving in an impatient and insensitive manner.Your trainer should be a supportive force in your fitness journey, and should always be cognizant of your emotions, even if they’re pushing you on a physical level. Eventually, the results will make you both proud.
  • They Were Once the Trainees
    A great way to ensure empathy from your trainer? Find one who’s been the trainee in the past. A fitness coach who has learned and grown from their own fitness mentor knows from personal experience how significant the trainer/athlete relationship can be. Likely, they’ll also have picked up a thing or two from their previous trainer, as well.
  • They Have Undergone Training
    Your personal trainer doesn’t need to have hordes of expensive degrees and titles (though if they do, that’s great!). However, you do want to work with a fitness coach who has undergone some teaching training. It will ensure a safer workout experience for you, as well as give you peace of mind that you’re working with an expert.
  • They Have a Specialty
    Though this isn’t necessary for every athlete, it is for some. Athletes are often on the lookout for a more specific training routine, and coaches who offer specialized training programs, like injury prevention, are valuable resources for them.
    Additionally, trainers who have a specialty tend to be incredibly passionate about their craft, like our own Marshall Weber. Marshall, a dedicated fitness coach, holds multiple personal training certifications and uses his extensive knowledge to offer specialized training experiences, like youth exercise, sports performance skills, and faith-based fitness sessions.

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