What Makes a Good Trainer?

Wondering How to Choose a Good Personal Trainer?

Curious about how to find a good personal trainer  but unsure of where to begin? Luckily for you, we have answers. Here at Jack City Fitness, we’re experts on what makes an effective trainer—and we’ve hired the best of the best to work with our athletes. 

If you’re looking for a coach that works for your fitness level and needs, we’ve got you! We’ve created this handy guide to spot the qualities of a good trainer. Read on to learn more!

What Makes a Good Fitness Instructor?

No two athletes are the same—everyone is going to have a different idea of the perfect fitness coach. Although there are several overarching qualities needed to be a good personal trainer,  your ideal coach might also look very different from that of your best friend’s—and that’s okay! It’s important to find the right fit for you and your unique needs. That’s the true secret of how to find a good personal trainer: know what your needs are. 

We suggest making yourself a “fitness coach wish list.” Do you want a coach who gives tough love? One who works at a certain pace? Someone who specializes in working with people of your age group? Chances are that coach is out there, so be specific!

What are the Qualities of a Good Personal Trainer?

Now that you’ve made your wish list, it’s almost time to look for a coach! First, let’s go over some of the important overall qualities needed to be a good personal trainer, regardless of personal needs. The most crucial of these qualities are:

  • Skill

    A fitness coach is a teacher as well as an athlete, and any good teacher must know their subject. If your trainer is coaching you on a specific routine or workout, it should be one that they have mastered. This will ensure that you’re receiving proper instruction, and are engaging in proper form when you do it yourself. Plus, when a coach is skilled in what they teach, they are showing their trainee that they believe in the benefits of that workout—otherwise, they wouldn’t have learned it.What Makes a Good Trainer

  • Passion

    It’s challenging to learn from a coach or teacher who is passionless about their subject. Sure, they might get the job done. Some athletes will still manage to learn from this approach—after all, the necessary information is there. However, the motivation and joy may be missing. In general, we believe that an athlete is more likely to smash their goals and love their workout if their coach is excited about it, too.

  • Empathy

    Some athletes thrive with a “tough love” coach. We’re all for coaches that push their trainees physically and encourage hard work. But there’s a difference between strict and callous. A good coach will always treat their trainees with respect and empathy, even if they are stern about it. There is no place for impatience, insensitivity, or shaming in the coaching world; coaches are here to act as a support and mentor to athletes, period.

  • Training

    When it comes to choosing a good trainer, credentials are important. We’re not saying that your coach needs to have a long list of expensive degrees and certificates—although it’s great if they do. But some sort of professional training to teach others is recommended. Although we’re sure that many untrained folks can provide great coaching, it’s safer for you to go with an actual pro.

  • Specialty Skills

    Although this is not a priority for everyone, some athletes prefer to work with a coach who has a specialized skill set. Whether your ideal coach has a specialized passion for lifting, yoga, running, or sport, one thing is clear—they’ve followed a passion and let it become a skill. Generally, these are the types of athletes who are motivated and excited about their craft and want to share their skills with others. These are the types of coaches you want to work with! Who knows—their specialty might become yours as well.

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