Tyler Moyer

At a very young age Tyler was exposed to a wide variety of sports as he was always involved in one throughout his childhood. But it wasn’t until the age of twelve that Tyler was introduced to weight training; it became the one thing he always participated in no matter which sport he was participating in at the time.

Since Tyler started weightlifting, he has gained an acute eye for details when it comes to programming and specific exercises and movements. As early as high school, he started helping friends with exercises and movements; then in college, he started training friends. But it was during college that Tyler’s training turned from sport performance to body building.

After college, however, his training focus switched to more endurance activities to include swimming, biking, and running. Tyler started running various distances, duathlons, and triathlons. After a third marathon, Tyler went back to weightlifting and became incredibly humbled by the amount of strength and flexibility he lost throughout his endurance training. Consequently, he desired to participate in endurance activities while still maintaining his strength and flexibility.

At this time he was introduced to CrossFit, but his approach was never to lift heavy weights as fast as possible. He has always maintained a systematic and safe approach, keeping technique as his number one priority. He then tries to achieve the most range of motion to maintain flexibility. The last piece of concern is how fast he is moving or how much weight is being lifted. Tyler believes it is better to do it right than to go heavier or faster and get hurt.

CrossFit led him to co-owning a CrossFit gym for a little over seven years. During that time, he trained a wide variety of ages, ability levels, and adaptive athletes. With the “constantly varied” theory behind CrossFit, Tyler learned to train such a diverse range of people the following: gymnastics, kettlebells, Olympic lifts, and endurance exercises. Because of the different ability levels, he was able to adjust, scale, or modify movements on an individual basis.

Tyler still enjoys training and coaching gymnastics, the Olympic lifts, and endurance events. There’s a good chance you’ll see him in some corner of the gym working on gymnastic movements or on a lifting platform working on the “Oly” lifts. However, helping people to improve their health and being a positive impact through fitness is what drives Tyler . He’s more than willing to go above and beyond to ensure you achieve your goals and have a good experience at the same time.