Preston Grayem

– Fitness Coach

Preston was born and raised in a small town in So-Cal. As a child, he played sports year-round, eventually finding his love for baseball. In high school, he sustained a serious injury in his throwing arm from years of abuse and improper training. His career in baseball ended, but his love for health and fitness began. As one door closed another opened, and he found a passion for fitness and helping guide others towards their own.

Preston went on to a Junior College where he narrowed his interest into Kinesiology. From there he attended CSUSB University and finished his degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. This deep dive into Physiology and Biomechanics allows him to have a better understanding of why we move and how we move- so he may safely and effectively instruct others on new movements, or improve upon known ones.

During his time in college, he worked as a trainer and lecturer to fellow students where he taught the next groups of NSCA Certified Personal Trainers through the PT Program. Being an athlete at one time, he knows what it’s like to fight for the leading edge. That being said, he is an educator at heart and wants to teach others how to manage their own health, or guide athletes into taking their game to the next level. His top three training ideals are to ensure safety, keep it simple, and utilize the least effective dose.



California State University of San Bernardino – Kinesiology/Exercise Science
Level 2 Olympic Archery Coach


  • Sport Performance
  • Running
  • Body Composition
  • HIIT