Emma Chorney

– Fitness Coach

Emma’s fitness journey began as a young girl growing up in Georgia. Her athletic career included gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, a variety of martial arts, and most importantly lacrosse. During high school, she played both basketball and lacrosse at the varsity level, and it was at this point in her life that she realized her love for health and fitness. Emma enjoyed helping her teammates on and off the field/court with weightlifting, conditioning, diet choices, and injury rehab and prehab. She decided to make a career out of helping others in their own fitness journey through pursuing a degree in exercise science.

Lacrosse took her to her undergraduate in South Carolina, where she unfortunately could not play long at the DI level because of injury. Emma was able to continue her lacrosse and academic career back in Georgia at the club level, where she coached lacrosse and trained at a local gym throughout her time at Kennesaw State University. She graduated magna cum laude and received her Bachelor of Exercise Science with a minor in psychology, and she became an ACSM certified exercise physiologist.

After graduation, she wanted to further her experience and knowledge through a Master’s degree, and Boise State fit her needs for these opportunities and more. She is also looking into biomechanical and kinematic research on ACL risk factors and prevention because of her injury history and intends to implement these strategies in her training programs. Although Emma is across the country from her home, she chose to move here because of the opportunities that can aid in her continuing to pursue her dream of being a fitness professional at the highest capacity in order to be able to adeptly serve a wide variety of individuals.

A majority of her previous experience deals exclusively with athletes, but she continues to expand her reach with general and special populations. Emma thinks that everyone has to start somewhere, and fitness should be a journey in order to improve health physically, mentally, and emotionally to increase longevity and happiness. Emma aims to meet clients where they are at and work together in order to reach their goals and more.


  • Bachelor of Exercise Science
  • ACSM Exercise Physiologist


  • Sports team training- Lacrosse, basketball, and marital arts background
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Athletic Performance
  • Knee/lower extremity injury prevention and rehab