Danielle Sims

– Nutrition Specialist
– Fitness Coach

Danielle grew up in New York in an Italian family where food was always the center of attention. As she hit her teenage years her relationship with food stopped being healthy, and she developed disordered eating. It wasn’t until recent years that she started viewing food as fuel and looking at food in the terms of its nutrition. This is when everything changed for her. She started fueling her body with nutrient-dense foods and lifting weights. These new habits lead this former swimmer, life guard, and plant ecologist into a career of Nutrition and Fitness.

Danielle is fascinated with how different foods affect different people and how certain foods can heal or harm the body. She understands every person has individual needs and is very passionate about helping people reach their specific goals in and out of the gym. She doesn’t believe in dieting, but in living a healthy lifestyle void of restriction and full of flexibility. She also believes that a slow and steady journey will yield long lasting results!

Danielle is also focused on the whole picture when it comes to health, which includes stress management, sleep, diet, exercise, mental health, environment and community. She believes that each of these components is very important in carrying out a long healthy life.


  • B.S. Biology
  • A.S. Exercise Science
  • PN-L1


  • Nutrition and Holistic Health