The elite movement class is really helpful because it gives me a great workout while also helping me deal with any muscular tension issues I might be having. It combines burning calories and strengthening muscles while also improving my posture and movement. 
I would definitely recommend it to anyone! 

Rachelle is the type of trainer who cares about your total health…including the physical, emotional and mental status of all her clients. She is the most knowledgeable and encouraging trainer, both individually, and in a class environment. Her classes provide not only strength specific exercises, but also high-intensity, cardio intervals.

Tim’s class is a balance of functional strength and flexibility and challenging full body exercises. Tim helps us strengthen muscles that are often looked over and it results in injury or imbalances. He has helped me recovery from injury and become stronger than before.

Elite Fitness is the perfect mix of weight training and conditioning. The trainers develop excellent programming to maximize workouts, provide detailed instruction and are willing to make modifications to accommodate any injuries or limitations. JCF has created a culture that is positive, encouraging, and accepting, removing the intimidation that often comes with training in a group.

I’ve always been active but in the last few years my workouts have been cardio heavy, and, as I get older, I have felt like I’ve lost some strength.  I became interested in adding weights back into my life, but didn’t really know how to effectively go about it.  I took my first Elite Fitness class from Sierra and got hooked immediately.  I try to attend 4-5 classes per week.  I appreciate the instruction on the proper form for the exercises as well as being introduced to about a million different exercises and lifts I didn’t know existed.

Elite fitness is a great way to get out of your exercise rut. This class is filled with fun and challenging movements, and more importantly fun people. If you are interested in a little friendly competition, or are just wanting to push yourself, Elite Fitness is the class for you. This class has improved my mobility, strength and endurance, and is always encouraging me to find a new goal.

The benefit of the class is the improvement in the ability to lift with greater range of movement. At the end of the class you feel like you have had a deep tissue message.

Preston does a great job of creating a calming atmosphere where you can relax, recover, and work on your breathing along with myofascial release.

My trainer is my favorite part of my training. Rachelle is creative with the workouts she gives me and challenges me in ways I would not do for myself. She is supportive and encouraging with a great smile. I am so darn lucky to live where I live and have the means to go to this gym, to pedal over to the nearby trails, and ski from the top of the mountains.

Because of Jack City Fitness, I have seen incredible results on the volleyball court. My strength and agility have increased dramatically. Without Jack City Fitness, I wouldn’t be the volleyball player I am today.