How To Do HIIT Stationary Bike Workouts

How To Do HIIT Stationary Bike Workouts

Authored by Marshall on April 1, 2022

Looking for an effective cardio routine? A stationary bike HIIT workout is one of the best! Learn how to properly perform a HIIT cycling workout with our handy guide.

All About the HIIT Stationary Bike Workout

Stationary bikes are a fantastic piece of equipment with all kinds of uses. Here at Jack City Fitness, we love including this machinery in all kinds of workout regimes—especially HIIT. On a stationary bike, you can enjoy a fantastic HIIT workout, and we’re going to show you how to do it.

Before we jump into the ins and outs of the HIIT-stationary bike connection, let’s discuss the workout style itself. “HIIT” is short for High-Intensity Interval Training, a cardiovascular workout defined by the performance of short, intense exercises and recovery periods. Though the sesh time depends on the athlete, most HIIT workouts last around or under a half hour. There are many benefits of HIIT exercises, whether they are performed on a bike, with a kettlebell, or in a group class

Now that we’ve got the wheels turning, let’s learn more about HIIT on stationary bike equipment. 

How To Do HIIT on Stationary Bike Equipment

When you think of indoor bike workouts, you might imagine a lengthy but gentle cycling session. These workouts certainly have their merits, but you won’t see any of that with a High-Intensity Interval Training sesh! 

When you use a stationary bike for HIIT, your workouts will not be as long, and they will be much more, well, intensive. Stationary bikes are a popular choice for HIIT workouts, so you will have plenty of routine options to choose from. In fact, one of the best parts of HIIT is the ability to test out all kinds of new routines with every session. By doing this, you’ll be able to see which stationary bike HIIT workouts you like best.

If you are new to the world of HIIT, we recommend you start out with 1-2 sessions per week. It’s also ideal to begin your HIT journey with some guidance from a professional—a one-on-one training session or dedicated High-Intensity Interval class will ensure you have the right form.

The Benefits of HIIT on Stationary Bike Machines

How can HIIT on a stationary bike benefit you? 

High-Intensity Interval Training in any form has loads of benefits. It can be practiced nearly anywhere, is great for weight loss, and can even help manage certain health conditions, like diabetes. 

Our Best Stationary Bike HIIT Tips 

Looking for some insider knowledge on indoor bike workouts and High-Intensity Interval Training? Here is our biggest tip: try your workout on an AirBike—especially a Rogue AirBike!

AirBikes can help HIIT athletes optimize their workout and see even better results. Unlike old-school stationary bikes, which ask the athletes to set their pace on a screen or dial, AirBikes work with your pace. The faster you pedal, the more resistance you face. 

This unique quality lends itself to excellent HIIT workouts. AirBikes are also excellent in their ability to give athletes a low-impact routine that works their entire body—it has moving arm grips!

While an OG exercise bike will still provide an excellent HIIT workout, if you have the opportunity to use an AirBike, definitely take it. (Psst—if you’re in Boise, you will find several at Jack City Fitness!) 

Stationary bike hiit workout

Our Favorite HIIT Indoor Bike Workouts

Ready to try a HIIT indoor cycling workout? We’ve compiled a couple of our favorite routines for you to try! These routines can be done solo, but if you are performing them for the first time, we recommend working with a fitness coach—we have a whole crew of experts at Jack City Fitness! 

  • “Dirty 30s” 

When you hit the HIIT world, you are likely gonna hear the term “dirty 30s” often. That is because 30 seconds is the gold standard for your workout intervals. This is also referred to as a “sprint.”

When using a stationary bike for sprints or dirty 30s, you will be expected to hit it hard for 30 seconds, pedaling as fast and intensely as you can. Then you will relax and pedal at a slower pace for another minute. After four or five reps of this pattern, you can slowly cycle for a few minutes. That’s one full set. Repeat this set twice more to finish.

  • Finish-Line Drills

When competitive cyclists finish a race, they often spend the moments before reaching the finish line in total beast mode. After all, those final 30-odd seconds are crucial—losing momentum could mean coming in later. 

This translates well to High-Intensity Interval Training. For track racing drills, your routine will look similar to a dirty 30, but with one big difference: for this workout, you will lift yourself out of the saddle for the first half of your sprint. For the remaining 15 seconds, you will cycle from a seated position. You can then spend three minutes riding at your “threshold” pace before rising again for a 10-second out-of-saddle sprint. Finish with a 5-minute cycle at a more relaxed pace. Try doing this for 5-8 reps, depending on your fitness level. 

  • Varying Intervals

The beauty of stationary bike workouts for HIIT is that you can play around with your workout intervals. While we recommended 30 seconds “on” and 60 seconds “off” for our “dirty 30” workout, that isn’t the only way to go. Some athletes do an even 30 on/off interval, some choose 10/10, and others hit the 30/15 mark. Play around and see what works for you—you’ll find your own interval stride with the help of a fitness coach or teacher. 

Try An HIIT Cycle Workout With Us!

At Jack City Fitness, we have everything you need to succeed at High-Intensity Interval Training. Our facilities are unmatched! We have plenty of HIIT-friendly equipment for athletes to use, like Rogue AirBikes, Woodway treadmills, kettlebells, medicine balls, and more. Our elite-level coaches are ready to help you perfect your form, work through new routines, and meet all your goals.

Ready to become a Jack City member? Get in touch with our team by calling (208) 999-1111. We’ll invite you over to our gym for a FREE fitness consultation and a chance to tour our facilities, meet our coaches, and ask any questions you might have. If you decide to become a Jack City Partner, you’ll have instant 24/7 access to our entire facility, plus the chance to try our famous classes, create customized training plans, and more. 

We can’t wait to meet you and help you HIIT it hard!



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