Reflexive Performance Reset Training

The RPR® system allows athletes to use their own bodies to improve their performance, durability, and overall physical and mental health. Want to learn more? We have all the information you need about the RPR program. Get in the loop today at Jack City Fitness and hone your RPR strength with our amazing team.

Reflex Performance Reset: A Jack City Primer

It’s a common misconception that most athletic injuries are due to contact. Of course, accidents and injuries certainly do come from colliding with objects or fellow athletes during a game or race. However, many athletic injuries are “non-contact,” where a body part undergoes trauma without being struck by a foreign object or person. These often come about because an athlete’s body uses “compensation patterns” to move despite existing injuries and bad habits. These patterns tend to show themselves in times of physical and mental stress.

Some athletes have made efforts to avoid non-contact injuries and dangerous compensation patterns through a technique called Reflexive Performance Reset.

What Is Reflexive Performance Reset?

Reflexive Performance Reset is an athletic theory that originated in South Africa and has since spread across the globe. It’s been heralded as a “strength coach’s dream,” and we couldn’t agree more! This brilliant school of theory allows athletes to utilize their own bodies to move and breathe naturally, resulting in less chance of injury or strain. Utilizing these techniques can also enhance one’s athletic performance, ease pain, and increase flexibility.

How to Do Reflexive Performance Reset

Reflexive Performance Reset may seem complex to beginners, but it is a relatively straightforward concept. To engage in RPR training, an athlete will work with a combination of 12 main exercises. Each of these Reflexive Performance Reset exercises or techniques focuses on a different body part or area. These are known as Wake-Up Drills™. These Reflexive Performance Reset drills are simple for athletes to perform, though athletes will need to be taught RPR through either an in-person or online seminar. Once they’ve learned how to perform the drills, they can practice their drills at home on their own time.

Reflexive Performance Reset: Breathing Is Key!

Along with the aforementioned physical drills, Reflexive Performance Reset focuses on another type of exercise: breathing. In fact, breath control plays an enormous role in RPR training. Engaging in “proper” breathing techniques has benefits both in athletic and everyday situations. Furthermore, engaging in focused breathing allows athletes to “scan their body” for any potential compensation patterns, thus creating a safer workout. Engaging in a proper breathing technique is also crucial for a great athletic performance, as it increases stamina and promotes endurance!

What Does Reflexive Performance Reset Exercises Focus On?

RPR Wake-Up Drills are easy for athletes of any level to learn. They are generally not strenuous; in fact, they are often more similar to acupressure massage than what you might think of as “exercise.” They are designed to be performed solo by the athlete as part of their routine—though we recommend learning them from a trained professional.

Wake-Up Drills focus on the following 12 areas of the body:

  • Psoas
  • Glutes
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Hips
  • Calves
  • Rotations (and Anti-Rotations)
  • Lats
  • Abs
  • Neck
  • Supraspinatus
  • Shoulders

Reflexive Performance Reset Training in Boise

If you are interested in learning more about the wonders of Reflexive Performance Reset training, Jack City Fitness is the place to be. We offer:

  • 24/7 gym access to all of our partners— practice your Wake-Up Drills on your own time!
  • A passionate and knowledgeable staff; our fitness coach Marshall Weber is certified to teach Reflexive Performance Reset, and offers both in-person and online sessions to our partners.
  • All the latest athletic equipment, so you can put your new skills to great use.
  • Many workout classes for you to learn new skills (or develop existing ones) with new friends and peers.

Get in touch with us by calling (208) 999-1111 or dropping us a line here on our website. We’ll invite you to our Boise gym for a FREE fitness consultation with our team of elite coaches. You can tour our facility, get to know some of our partners and crew members, and even peek into a class. Once you’re a partner, you can access our entire facility and train with a coach. We can’t wait to meet you and help you hit all your goals, from proper breathing and movement techniques to reaching new athletic heights!