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If you’ve failed at diets before and think you’ll never lose weight, it’s time to take control and get some help. A nutritionist in Boise Idaho is just the person you need. Diets don’t work and nutritionists know that. They know that diets leave you feeling hungry and craving high calorie foods. They can be incredibly boring too. They are hard to stick with if you have any type of social life at all. But worst of all, diets always end and you go back to old eating habits…which put on the weight in the first place. Before too long, not only have the pounds returned, they brought friends.

Super low calorie diets are the worst.

Sure fasting, eating only celery or cabbage soup will take off weight. Part of it will be water weight that will pop right back on when you eat normally. Some of it will be lean muscle mass, so you end up looking flabbier after it comes off. The worst part of super low calorie diets is that it puts your body in starvation mode. That means it slows your metabolism so that when you do go back to eating, weight comes back quickly and it’s even harder to loose. Starvation diets are also very hard on your body and can leave you malnourished and unhealthy.

Instead, a nutritionist teaches you how to make smart choices when you eat.

There are thousands of food items available. Some are better for you than others are. Choosing ones that are not only filled with nutrition, but also lower in calories is the challenge. Even foods that profess to be healthy or diet foods can be deceiving. Protein bars, for instance, aren’t necessarily healthy, but often candy bars dress up in healthy packaging. When you work with a nutritionist, you’ll also learn to make simple substitutions, such as choosing brown rice over white for the improved nutrition and lower calories.

How you cook the food or whether it’s cooked makes a difference.

When it comes to nutrition, whole foods—foods closest to their natural state—are normally the best. Processed foods not only contain hidden calories from sugar (or high fructose corn syrup) they often contain high sodium counts and lots of preservatives. Vegetables may be super healthy, but often canned ones have the nutrients cooked right out of them or fried away. Nutritionists can help you create your own specialties that will be healthy and low calorie, but will also taste delicious.

  • Don’t worry. You’ll still be able to eat your old favorites, just not as a daily fare. There’s no real one time indiscretion that will end healthy eating. It’s not an all or nothing proposition.
  • When you learn how to eat healthy, you can help your family eat healthy too. Even snack foods can be healthy when you have the knowledge to choose them wisely.
  • Sometimes nutritionists work with personal trainers. That’s a huge bonus. You get the benefit of both good nutritional advice and a personalized workout program to take weight off even faster.
  • The more you learn, the more you’ll realize that the old fattening foods you used to eat really didn’t taste that great. You were often eating them out of habit or in the case of sugar, addiction.

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