Morgan Burger

Associates in Exercise Science

ACSM Certification
Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation 
Strength and Conditioning 
Athletic performance

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Morgan grew up in Nampa, Idaho and has been an athlete since a young age, competing
in track, football, and motocross throughout high school. However, in high school, he made the decision to focus on and pursue being a professional motocross/supercross athlete.

Because motocross and supercross are basically a year-round sport, this required Morgan to
move to California during the winter months to train with trainers on and off the bike to become a better athlete. He soon met his goals and raced professionally for a little over four years with accomplishments such as racing the Canadian National Motocross Series, getting multiple Top Five Finishes and finishing the series with National Number 6. Along with those outdoor results, he was also able to race some of the more prestigious American AMA National Motocross Series Races and earn National Points with a 20th Overall Finish in Colorado. As far as accomplishments in Supercross, he was able to finish 14th in the Main Event at the Santa Clara Monster Energy Supercross.

Throughout his pursuit to reach these goals, he became more and more interested in fitness as well as what it takes to keep the body in shape to do one of the hardest sports in the world. Because he’s sustained and come back from several injuries, prehab and rehab are a huge part of what interests him in Kinesiology. For this reason, he pursued a degree in Exercise Science and received his Associates Degree as well as an ACSM Personal Trainer Certification. 

Morgan believes that knowledge is endless, and he strives to learn something new everyday as he helps people feel better about themselves and accomplish their goals. He believes that becoming active and staying in shape are tough, and if it were easy, everyone would do it. That is why he wants to assist people in overcoming obstacles that lie between them and their goals as well as creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Rachel believes each and every person has a different story and as a Personal Trainer she wants to help them discover their own potential in life. Regardless of whether a person has never stepped foot into a gym before or has been an athlete all of their life, she can help them achieve their goals by giving them the tools needed to live a healthier lifestyle. She encourages focusing on the small goals first to achieve long term success later. She will tailor nutrition and training directly to each client’s goals and will continue to motivate them with results.



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