Monkey Mill: Motorized Monkey Bars

At Jack City Fitness, we are inspired by fitness trends and ideas from near and far! Recently, we learned about a British-made motorized monkey bars workout, and we had to try it! This unique piece of equipment, the Monkey Mill, offers an exciting, dynamic workout that delivers supreme upper-body and grip strength. And we have great news: you won’t need to book a flight to England to try it. We now have our very own original Monkey Mill right here at Jack City Fitness. In fact, we’re one of the only gyms in America to have one!

What Is a Monkey Mill?

The Monkey Mill is a fairly new invention, and athletes love what it has to offer. The Monkey Mill takes a classic piece of playground equipment, monkey bars, and gives it the engineering profile of a gym staple: the treadmill. The monkey bars move on a looping track, allowing athletes to climb without stopping for as long as their workout requires. It also comes in different settings, so the bars move at a pace that matches your fitness level. 

Where Does the Monkey Mill Come From?

Fancy a spot of tea? The Monkey Mill was developed in Leeds, England, by an athletically-inclined architectural technician. A decade ago, while training to do Tough Mudder UK, inspiration struck Mike McKenna. He didn’t have a gym setting to practice one of the most challenging portions of Tough Mudder, the monkey bars. This led to the ingenious idea of creating equipment similar to a treadmill but for lateral climbing. 

In 2019, after years of hard work, the Monkey Mill was introduced to gyms across the United Kingdom. Here in Idaho, we’ve been watching its rise to fame over the last four years. We were so impressed that we decided to “give it a go,” as they say in England. We contacted the Monkey Mill team about shipping one out to us in Boise, and to our delight, they said yes! 

It was a lengthy process but well worth it. We were thrilled to support an up-and-coming business, and they were excited to share their masterpiece with the athletes of Boise. Now our own Monkey Mill now stands proudly amongst our gym equipment. Are you ready to try it yourself?

How To Use the Monkey Mill Machine

The Monkey Mill is modern, user-friendly, and intuitive. You can choose your speed and programming on the machine’s touchscreen console, then step onto a static bar to help reach the motorized bars. From there, it’s time to “climb” the same way you did at the playground as a kid! You’ll lift your legs from the static bar and begin using your hands to grab new bars as they move. 

Monkey bar exercises are excellent for beginners and pros alike. We recommend that athletes try their first Monkey Mill workout with the assistance of their fitness coach. They’ll be able to help determine which speed and setting works best for your unique needs and can ensure that you are using safe and proper form.

The Benefits of the Motorized Monkey Bar Workout

A motorized monkey bar workout is not only fun but also a super effective athletic technique. There are many benefits of monkey bars exercises. Add in the optimization of this machine, and you have one of the most beneficial workouts we can imagine!

What are some of the best reasons to try a motorized monkey bar workout?

  • Better Grip Strength

Get a grip! There are many significant benefits of grip exercises like monkey bars. These workouts promote the use of more muscles and can help make you stronger overall.

  • Next-Level Muscle Engagement

Do you think a motorized monkey bars workout will just enhance your grip strength? No way! This dynamic workout also engages your entire upper body and core. In fact, studies have indicated that the Monkey Mill engages 39% more muscle than a regular monkey bar does—and that’s already an intense workout! 

  • Excellent Cardio Workout

Whichever speed setting you select, the Monkey Mill will deliver you a stellar aerobic workout—and that comes with its own set of benefits, like better cardiovascular health.

  • Enhanced Endurance

Want to smash your endurance goals? The Monkey Mill can help you get there—after all, it was inspired by Tough Mudder training!

Let’s Get Moving!

Ready to be one of the FIRST Americans to try the Monkey Mill? Call Jack City Fitness today at (208) 999-1111 to become a Partner. You’ll have 24/7 access to our entire facility, including the Monkey Mill! Plus, you can join our classes, work with a personal fitness coach, and much more.