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If you’re feeling frumpy and noticing even your undergarments are fitting tight, you’ll be amazed how quickly you can shed those extra pounds with the help of a Meridian personal trainer. A personal trainer doesn’t use a cookie cutter approach, but instead learns about you, so he or she can make the best recommendations and build a personalized program that will get results. The trainer learns your goals, finds out if you have any special needs, like a physical limitation that might require modifying a workout or adjusting nutritional recommendations. Then he or she assesses your overall fitness level.

You’ll definitely work hard, but will end up loving it.

At first you won’t believe you can do the workout he or she creates, but before long, you won’t believe you struggled so much because it’s so much easier. That’s because your level of fitness has improved that much and it’s also when the trainer adjusts your program to make it harder to meet your new fitness level. You’ll always be working toward your maximum potential, which is why you’ll progress so fast.

You won’t be dieting, because they don’t work.

Diets don’t work, because they always end, some times at three in the morning with a half of cheesecake. Instead of dieting, you’ll learn how to eat healthier. Many of the recommendations will be whole foods, which are far healthier than heavily processed foods. You’ll learn to make simple substitutions to improve nutrition and reduce calories, such as brown rice instead of white rice. It saves just a few calories but imagine how quickly they add up when you do it often. Most people love the new way of eating, but if they get hungry for an old favorite, they know they can eat it as long as they pay attention to portion control.

The combination of healthy eating and regular exercise will put spring in your step while you shed pounds.

You’ll drag out of the gym the first few nights, feeling exhausted and tired, but a good tired. In a few weeks, you’ll notice tasks that were hard before are far easier. You’ll get more done in less time and have time to do other active things, like take a hike or bike ride. That burns even more calories. Before you know it, you won’t even think about your old diet and the foods you were addicted to or even consider crashing every night on the couch, but look forward to the gym or other fun activity.

  • Personal trainers hold you accountable. Just knowing you’ll be meeting with them gets you to the gym. Otherwise, it’s just to easy to skip it at first.
  • Your complexion will even look years young or clear if you have adult acne. Exercise improves circulation sending oxygen and nutrition rich blood to all areas of the body and cleanses the¬†pores to help clear your complexion, while reducing signs of aging.
  • You have improved posture and walk taller. That gives you more presence and can boost your confidence.
  • Besides shedding pounds, you’ll be toned. There will be no more batwings or donut rolls around your waistline. You’ll look and feel fabulous.

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