Jay Taylor

NASM – Certified Personal Trainer
NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist

EDUCATION:Boise State University – Exercise Science

NASM – Certified Personal Trainer                                                                                                                 

 NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist

USAW – Sports Performance Coach



Program Design – Endurance, Strength, and Power


Corrective Exercise    

Challenge yourself daily for personal and professional development.  People are distracted by little, insignificant events that stop them from fulfilling their potential.  Some days they’re motivated to take up crucial tasks, and other days they waste their time on small tasks and become demotivated.  The small tasks disrupt their positive momentum and create a downward spiral.  The best way to overcome this is to challenge yourself on a daily basis.

When we are challenged, we motivate ourselves.  By facing challenges every day, we see the outcome of our efforts regularly.  We should be challenged daily in the following areas: faith, family, fitness, and profession.

When we are challenged, we let go of procrastination.  These daily challenges allow us to complete our short-term goals, which influences how we tackle our long-term goals.

When we are challenged, we are more organized.  This routine helps us improve our efforts, especially when the going gets tough.  By following an organized and planned lifestyle, we find ourselves on the right track.

When we are challenged, we realize the value of time.  Having challenges every day forces us to better manage our time to perform our daily duties.

When we are challenged, we are constantly reminded of our ambition.  Think of a challenge as a wake-up call for you to turn your eyes back on what really matters.

Every day is an opportunity to be better than you were yesterday, and only when we challenge ourselves will we know our true potential.

Jay’s training philosophy will challenge you. It reflects what he has learned from over a decade in the fitness industry with experience in sports, coaching, personal training, and CrossFit.  Jay has used his experiences to mold the ideal training program where science and education meet the physical demands and competitive environment of CrossFit. His programs will expose your weak spots, and there will be days you want to give up.  When you persevere and stick to the program, you will be in the best shape of your life.

“I will inspire you, but I cannot motivate you.  I will lay a path of success, but I cannot make you take it.  I will help you accomplish anything you want, but I cannot do it for you.”