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“Thanks to Jay and Jack City Fitness Online I have lost over 30 pounds, my max squat has increased over 100 lbs & my endurance & mobility have drastically improved.. Thanks to this program, I have my health back. To me that is priceless.”

Dallas C.

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“I now have the ability to train a variety of lifts and different endurance techniques. This program is unique and challenging, which is as good for my mind as it is for my body.”

Kelly L.

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“I’ve been following Jack City Fitness Online for 6 months and my Strength has improved drastically. But, more importantly, I now recover well between training sessions and I have the mobility to do exercises I’ve never been able to do!”

Zach P.

Your Program Includes


– Daily Training Plan –

Our athletes are given a complimentary Beyond the Whiteboard account to track workouts. When you enter the gym you will know your warm-up, exercises, sets, reps, rest, cool-down and recovery. Take the guesswork out of your routine and start receiving the results you deserve!


– Elite Training Facility –

Our athletes have access to the best training facility in the Treasure Valley, Jack City Fitness. Clean, private, and state-of-the-art equipment: Racks, Platforms, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Cables, Turf, Sleds, Rowers, WoodWay Treadmills, VersaClimbers, and more!

– Monthly Consultation –

Every month, our athletes receive a Private Consultation to monitor progress. During your consultation, we will update your measurements and assess weight, body composition, lean body mass, and fat mass. It is imperative you track your results and adjust your program as needed.


– Unlimited Support –

Our athletes have the ability to talk to Jay Taylor, owner of Jack City Fitness. Any questions you have will gladly be answered to help you reach your fitness goals. Also, on Beyond the Whiteboard, you are surrounded by a community of people to hold you accountable.

Only $75/ Month


Who is Jack City Fitness Online for?

Anyone looking to improve performance and have a solid training program that answers all of their training needs! Unfortunately, too many dedicated gym goers are not getting the results they deserve due to a lack of science-based workouts and variability. Also, athletes of all ages are exposed to poor weight-lifting education and old-school training methods that usually involve the theory “ The More Weight the Better”. The people engaged in Jack City Fitness Online are goal oriented; they are driven by setting goals and training to achieve them. If you’re ready to be in the best shape of your life, this program is for you!

What is the Jack City Fitness Online training philosophy?

Safety is always my first priority. Athletes should not get injured while training and an injured athlete cannot train which is very counter-productive. Jack City Fitness Online is designed to not only resist injury, but also strengthen commonly-weak muscles that are leading to poor lifting technique. I understand the balance between Strength Training and Performance. I am not trying to make you a professional weightlifter or power lifter, but rather produce improvements in all aspects of performance.
Jack City Fitness Online focuses on developing movements over muscles. There will be no “Back and Bicep Day ” in your program. Instead, there will be a “Pull Day” involving functional pull patterns such as Deadlifts, High Pulls, Pull-ups, and Row Variations.
I place an emphasis on developing the muscles of the posterior chain through a variety of prone floor exercises and hip-dominant pulling exercises. These movements are incredibly important in developing Strength and Power. Additionally, incorporating these movements can alleviate the poor posture that most people hold.
Last, but certainly not least, Jack City Fitness Online is fun and challenging!

Why is Jack City Fitness Online so successful?


Jack City Fitness Online is successful because of it’s 3 Pillars:

1. Injury Prevention and Corrective Exercise

Although often overlooked and skipped, performing exercises to improve technique and mobility can enhance performance by allowing proper movement mechanics. Everyone has faulty movement patterns due to overactive and tight muscles. Without any additional training to fix these issues, injuries will occur and plateaus cannot be passed. Fixing these issues will lead to immediate performance improvements. Every Jack City Fitness Online workout involves both mobility exercises and skill/technique work on exercises.

2. Performance Oriented

Every part of Jack City Fitness Online is geared around performance – not weight loss, not body composition, and not muscle size (although you will experience many of these as an added benefit). You will enjoy feeling improvements in strength, endurance, power, and conditioning by participating in science-based workouts with proven results.

3. Empowers the Athlete

Jack City Fitness Online will teach you to believe in yourself. You cannot achieve a goal you don’t believe you can. An athlete’s mental capacity and confidence limits his or her ability to perform. Jack City Fitness Online will build your confidence by developing physical capabilities as well as mental toughness; When you finish a workout you never thought you could or when you’re on the brink of calling it quits and you finish one more round. These levels of confidence will boil into every aspect of your life.


Schedule a Consultation to meet your new Fitness Coach!

During your consultation, we will…

  1. Cover the ins and outs of the program and what I expect from you.
  2. Outline a game plan for Nutrition, Weights, Cardio, and Supplementation.
  3. Set up your Beyond the Whiteboard profile.
  4. Answer any additional questions you may have.


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