How to Exercise During the Winter Months

How to Exercise During the Winter Months

Authored by Audrey on December 15, 2021

When the weather freezes do you freeze your workouts too?

If you’re reading this from Boise, Idaho, you may be thinking it’s too cold to leave the couch. But we’re here to tell you that just because you may have lost motivation, miss your Boise outdoor workouts, or just don’t want to leave the house, there’s still reasons and easy ways to keep your fitness at its peak throughout the winter months.

Read on to hear some helpful tips from our Jack City Fitness Founder and Fitness Coach, Marshall Weber.

He insists, “Continued and consistent exercise is something that can be completed no matter what the season or the weather outside.”

So you’re a runner? You like to run outdoors in the beautiful weather. Marshall would argue that if your view of “exercise” is a single track modality like Cardio (cardiovascular) exercise, then you’re truly not exercising at all.  He says, “I would argue that if the weather and season determines your capability to exercise then you’re missing over half of the pie right off the start.” And who doesn’t want the whole pie?

But don’t take it from us.

Science has proven again and again through study after study that nearly double the benefits are available through weight training (resistance training) in comparison to cardio. This is good news for you because gyms don’t close just due to inclement weather conditions. Gyms always have weights (at least we think they should), and they’re just waiting to be picked up. Within that realm, we’re not aware of any health and fitness facilities that place the resistance tools outside (except Venice beach).

To make this seasonal question of “how do I workout throughout the winter months” more applicable, we’ll run with the idea that your resistance training is being completed outside during the winter months. So, if you find yourself lifting weights outside during the winter months, Marshall’s only question to you would be, “Are you waterproof?!”. (Hint: you are. We all are.)

The biggest benefits of a scientific exercise prescription from a multi-certified strength and conditioning coach come from consistency and being capable of making yourself comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Rain, snow, wind, or all of the above would be optimal scenarios to increase your mental and physical state of well-being by conducting a proper warm-up and then exhausting all types of energy systems in a methodical exercise prescription.

Can we get to the point? Weather doesn’t matter. That’s just an excuse. You’re waterproof. So get to work!

If you’re searching for gyms in Boise, please trek your way through the weather and into our properly heated gym to warm up your body and cool down your holiday stress. We have several well-educated fitness coaches ready to put you to work. Come give us a try!



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