How Often Should You Strength Train?

If you’re new to the concept, you might have some questions about strength training. If you’re wondering, “How long should I do strength training?” or wondering how much strength training per week is the right amount, we have the answers you need.

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What is Strength Training?

Strength training is an athletic principle which focuses on keeping one’s muscles in good condition. As you age, your muscles naturally lose volume and that can lead to physical problems, as well as making you prone to injury, obesity, and bone problems. To avoid losing that crucial muscle mass, many athletes choose to engage in strength training workouts to keep their bodies strong and protected as they move through life.

There are quite a few strength training exercises that are popular amongst athletes today. A few of our favorites are:

How Much Strength Training Should I Do and How Often Should You Lift Weights?

Strength training is an efficient fitness technique, and will show results in a satisfyingly swift manner. However, this isn’t a “one and done” type of scenario; effective strength training requires a proper routine and plenty of discipline.

First thing’s first. Make a list of your fitness goals. It can be helpful to go over this list with a personal fitness coach. Once that’s taken care of, it will be easier for you to block out what types of exercises you need to be doing, and how often. Each cycle you choose will work slightly differently with your body, so it’s worth thinking about.

2 Days a Week

Twice a week is thought to be the minimum amount of time you should spend strength training on a weekly basis — once simply isn’t enough. Dedicating two workout sessions to strength training instead of one will get your body used to the specific movements involved. Because of that, your workout will feel easier as you continue with it, and you’ll be less likely to ache afterwards.

3 Days a Week

Though there’s certainly nothing wrong with engaging in strength training three or more times a week, there’s also a school of thought that it doesn’t make much of a difference past the twice a week mark. The key, according to experts, actually lies in how long you spend targeting each muscle group during the week. So, if you break a full-body workout into three manageable gym sessions, it might just be the easiest on your body and schedule.

Is Strength Training Necessary?

In terms of both staying physically fit and healthy as well as improving your athletic performance, we think that strength training is pretty crucial to your routine. If you decide to workout at home, check out our home workout guide here! It’s also easily accessible — most gyms offer strength and conditioning programs, including your local favorite: Jack City Fitness! Give us a call today at (208) 999-1111 (or contact us online here) and we’ll invite you over to our Boise gym for a tour, free fitness consultation, and a sneak peek at our famous strength and conditioning class.

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