Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training near me in Boise, Idaho

Seeing a personal trainer used to be a strictly solo affair, but times are changing. Today, many athletes consider exercise to be much more than a physical or mental activity — it’s also a social one.

Social interactions are a cornerstone of Jack City Fitness — it’s why we don’t have “memberships” and instead invite athletes to join us as partners. It’s also why we’ve now introduced a group personal training program to our fitness center. We wanted all of our partners to be able to experience the focused attention of working with a coach while being able to share the experience with similar-minded athletes.

Tell Me More! What is Group Fitness Training?

Lots of athletes work with a personal trainer or coach to increase their power, stamina, and performance skills. The same idea goes for small group personal training; instead of working one-on-one with your coach, there will be two or three other athletes alongside you. This allows for a personal and private training session that stills has a social and supportive atmosphere — something that many of our partners consider a win-win.

What Makes Group Personal Training Unique?

So far, our group fitness training sessions have been a smashing success. Our partners love how they feel when they leave our fitness center, saying that they feel amazing physically, mentally, and socially.

– Strengthen Your Body
Personal training pushes your body to its highest performance levels in a way that’s safe and useful for you and your individual physique. By working with a coach, you’ll receive personalized focus. By working with a coach and a few other athletes, you’ll have the opportunity to watch and learn from your peers as well.

– Clear Your Mind
It’s well-established that exercise can have a significant positive impact on mental health symptoms, but as it turns out, group personal training comes with its own unique set of benefits! Recent studies have shown that working out with other people can dramatically reduce levels of stress.

– Build Your Relationships
Your abs won’t be the only thing getting stronger here. By embarking on a fitness journey with only 2-3 other people, you’ll be supporting and influencing each other along the way. Even if you’ve known each other your whole lives, you’ll likely find that you’ve created a new bond.

– Save Your Dollars
One-on-one training sessions are fantastic, but working solo with a skilled professional costs a fair amount of money. For those looking for the individualized experience of a personal coaching session without breaking the bank, group fitness training might be the perfect solution. It’s a fraction of the price — yet retains the benefits, and then some.

Can I Find Group Personal Training Near Me?

For Boise residents, the answer is right at your doorstep. Jack City Fitness, the preferred gym of the City of Trees, is now offering group fitness training sessions to our partners. So grab a pal — or meet a new friend in one of our classes — and come on over to Jack City. Call (208) 999-1111 or get in touch with us online, and we’ll even book you for a FREE fitness consultation and a tour of our innovative facility, open 24/7 to our partners.

Take the first step toward your fitness goals with our group training classes today — come and see us at Jack City Fitness!