Exercising With Kids: Building an Active Family Bonding Routine

Exercising With Kids: Building an Active Family Bonding Routine

Authored by Marshall on January 27, 2023

Are you looking for an engaging workout for kids at home? Then, we’ve got you covered. At Jack City Fitness, we know movement can help children gain confidence, grow stronger, and better understand their bodies. This is all important for their development and will positively affect them into adulthood. This article will discuss fun exercises for kids to try at home with their families

Benefits of a Parents and Kids Workout

Your kids might already go to gym class, play an after-school sport, or enjoy running around with friends. That’s awesome! However, it might be beneficial for you to get involved yourself. 

There are many benefits to working out with your kids. Here are a few of the most important benefits:

  • Better Health for All

Exercise is an excellent way for you and your kids to stay physically strong and healthy, avoid injuries, and keep your brains happy. In addition, thanks to its memory-improving abilities, exercise can help your kids stay on top of school and academics. 

  • It’s a Great Bonding Experience

Exercise is great for our bodies and minds. It can also be a great way to connect with a loved one. By working out with your children, you can get to know each other better, bond over a shared experience, and build better family trust. 

  • Learning Lifelong Skills

This is an excellent opportunity to impart your workout wisdom onto your little ones through example and repetition. For instance, as adults, we know how crucial a warmup is. For kids, it’s just a concept. But if you always stretch with them before starting your workout and talk them through how and why it’s important, this knowledge and skill will serve them as they move through life. 

Encouraging Kids Exercise: What’s the Best Way?

Not sure how to encourage working out for your kids? It’s essential to make sure that you choose straightforward, age-appropriate, and fun exercise ideas for your kids. “Fun” is the optimal word here. Encouraging exercise that already aligns with their interests will be an appealing activity and never a chore.

If your child is a diehard baseball fan, you could start by playing catch or a whiffle ball game in your backyard. They might eventually choose to join a Little League team if their interest blossoms. Or, let’s say you have an energetic child who can’t stop jumping on their bed. A small trampoline might provide the same fun exercises for your kids—without worrying about breaking the box spring. You might also consider practicing some gymnastics moves together.

Fun Exercises for Kids and Parents: Our Top Picks

Do you need help with what type of kids’ workout routine to try? We recommend first chatting with your kids about their preferences and ideas—maybe they have seen something they’d like to try themselves. However, if your child is unsure (but open to suggestions), we recommend giving one of these a try:

  • Dancing

This type of aerobic exercise is also a wonderful form of self-expression. If your child likes to dance, start busting a move with them. You can freestyle to your favorite tunes, learn choreography from a viral video, or even take a virtual class to learn style techniques. 

  • Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a classic exercise for kids because they are easy to learn, safe, and don’t require any equipment. 

  • Sports Skills

It’s rewarding and fun to learn new skills. Practice shooting hoops, blocking goals, batting skills— whatever your child wants to learn. 

Maintaining Your Kids’ Workout Routine: A Few Tips

If you’re finding it challenging to maintain your kids’ workout routine, pay close attention to these tips:

  • Don’t Push

Autonomy is important. If you push workouts on a disinterested child, it might prevent them from exercising entirely. Patience and understanding are key. 

  • Respect Their Needs

Don’t say, “It’s a beautiful day, put the comics down and go play outside.” Instead, try “Let’s ride our bikes to the library for comics!” This incorporates exercise into their hobby and makes it fun. 

  • Reward Success

If your child has worked hard to reach a goal (like running a certain distance or mastering a skill), celebrate it with a special treat, like a sticker or a fun outing.

Raising a Healthy and Fit Family

At Jack City Fitness, we help you build the confidence and gym knowledge you need to encourage a healthy lifestyle for your whole family. Call (208) 999-1111 today for your free fitness consultation. 



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