Eat Healthy, Workout And Think Clearer

Eat Healthy, Workout And Think Clearer

Authored by Audrey on April 29, 2018

You may think that spending all your spare time reading and doing research will help you achieve the most, but studies disagree with that. You need to spend some time getting exercise and trade that Latte for some healthy food and drink. When you eat healthy and workout, you’ll end up thinking clearer and best of all, maintain better brain function even when you age. There are many studies showing the beneficial effects of exercise for improved cognitive functioning, memory and the prevention or improvement of dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s important for brain health no matter what your age.

Studies show that children who exercise at least 60 minutes a day get better grades in school. The exercise doesn’t have to occur all at once. It can be 15 minutes four times a day, two half hour sessions or other combinations. It doesn’t have to be organized exercise classes, but can include anything from a game of tag to riding bikes.Other studies show that college students who regularly exercised also had improved GPAs. Exercising helps build new neural pathways to improve learning.

Starting early can provide huge benefits later.

One study showed that people with better cardiovascular fitness had a better chance of higher verbal memory scores, improved psychomotor speeds (physical reaction times) and even executive functions, help you accomplish things and include time management and attention control. What’s more, those who were fit at age 25, had improved response at age 43 all the way to 55. Many studies show that regular exercise can also improve your performance at work by improving memory, cognitive functioning and improved concentration.

Many studies show that exercise is beneficial for seniors.

While there’s no doubt that exercise helps seniors to be healthier and improve their ability to do the functions of daily living, one study at Goethe University Frankfurt tried to find out why exercise was beneficial for seniors. The study showed that regular exercise helped boost brain metabolism, as it promoted overall fitness. The improved brain metabolism helped to prevent the increase of choline in the brain, which can identify loss of nerve cells. It also occurs in Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Stress creates many changes in the body. It also has a negative effect on mental functioning, memory and cognitive thinking and a contributing factor to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Exercise is a stress buster.
  • Exercise increases circulation, which boosts blood and oxygen flow to the brain, improving brain functioning. It also helps relieve stress that can make the brain foggy and improves focus.
  • When you do exercises that are good for your heart, you’re also improving your brain functioning. It also boosts hormones that make you feel good, so can help relieve depression, which can slow thinking processes.
  • Eating healthy is also part of a program for a healthy brain. Avoid sugary products and go heavy on spices like turmeric and cinnamon.



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