Dylan Clagg

Boise State University – Exercise Science Student
USAW – Sports Performance Coach
TRX Certified
Smart Fitness University
DotFit Nutrition

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Olympic Weightlifting
Sports Performance
Human Movement

Dylan joined the fitness industry several years ago because of one word: grit. Grit has been the focus of many recent studies. Grit is defined as a positive trait based on a passion pertaining to a long term goal or end state. Encompassing many psychological traits such as perseverance, resilience, and ambition, grit does not fall within one scope of life. One can carry this word throughout every aspect of their existence, not just in sport and exercise but the other twenty-three hours outside of the gym as well.

Dylan grew up in a small mountain town, naturally developing a love for the outdoors and the importance of maintaining a fit and active lifestyle. After several health issues following college, Dylan was faced with some career ending decisions. Fortunately, Dylan was able to turn his passion for health into not only a career, but a way of life. Born into a very competitive family, Dylan enjoys a good challenge. Throughout his career in competitive sport, Dylan encountered many road blocks, speed bumps, and injuries. Using these obstacles as learning experiences, Dylan developed expertise in functional training as well as sports performance. A true student of the human body, Dylan enjoys learning about every aspect of Kinesiology.

Regardless of experience, age, gender or profession, everyone faces challenges. A person must have grit, perseverance, resilience and ambition. Without these things, success is very unlikely. It is easy to merely look upon an obstacle in life, but to acknowledge and accept these barriers and stay the course is to have ambition. To stay the course when life knocks you down is to have resilience. To stay the course when quitting is desired is to have perseverance. Whether a client is here to get active, train competitively, lose weight, or just move better, Dylan is the trainer.


“Winning isn’t everything.  Wanting to win is!”  Catfish Hunter



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