Crossfit Style Training

Brand names, shmand names. You can totally do CrossFit style workouts at “regular” gym settings! CrossFit style workouts at the price of your favorite local gym — did you consider us? We offer a variety of fitness equipment at Jack City Fitness! Call/Text to Contact us today at (208) 999-1111!

CrossFit Style Workouts & CrossFit Style Training Are More Popular than Ever

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard some of your friends and gym buddies talk about CrossFit style workouts.

CrossFit style workouts are used in a number of settings, from non-athletic situations (police and military groups often undergo CrossFit style training) to specific health, sport, and martial-art training cases. The reason for its seemingly universal popularity and broad reach? It’s incredibly accessible.

What Is a CrossFit Style Training Program?

CrossFit and the workouts inspired by it are quite different from your average workout. It’s a much more social experience, and it’s been designed to work out multiple aspects of your body, not just once — hence the name.

Though most CrossFit style workouts differ from class to class, the overall structure remains consistent. An hour-long class is typically broken up into four 15-20 minute sections:

  • Warm-Ups
  • Focused Skill
  • Workout of the Day
  • Cool-Down

Air bikes are also a great tool for CrossFit-style workouts, as they allow athletes to set their own pace. At Jack City, athletes can use our fleet of air bikes and other equipment to perform their very own CrossFit-style sessions.

Experience the Benefits of CrossFit Style Training

The structure and effectivity of CrossFit aren’t the only aspects that appeal to its enthusiasts. The naturally social nature of the program, along with the camaraderie-building intensity of the program itself, allows for new friendships to blossom. CrossFit friends often become great resources for one another, offering both support and accountability for your respective fitness goals.

Of course, emotional benefits are only part of the reason we love CrossFit. The health benefits speak for themselves! Not only does it keep your body in tiptop shape — you’ll never feel more agile and strong — but CrossFit style training is a great way to improve your aerobic skills. In short, CrossFit style training gets RESULTS.

CrossFit Style Workouts at Regular Gym Prices

Want to learn more about CrossFit? Curious Boise locals can head to their favorite gym — obviously Jack City Fitness. Though we do not offer a CrossFit program here, quite a few of our staff members are CrossFit enthusiasts and members. So come and give us a visit; you can speak to our coaches and staff about their own experiences and get their advice. Our own Fitness Coach, Sierra Bell, is especially knowledgeable about this full-body workout!

Unsure if CrossFit style training is the right fit for you? The answer is probably YES. As long as you’re willing to work hard, this unique style of workout is within reach for anybody, regardless of your athletic levels. Between sessions, you can come and train here with us — lots of CrossFit fans benefit from our equipment, classes, and support network, including our own coaches.

Come and see for yourself! Drop us a line over at Jack City Fitness, and we’ll invite you over to our Allumbaugh Street gym for a tour of innovative facility, a free fitness consultation, and a peek into one of our group fitness classes. Once you decide to sign up with us, our entire fitness center is at your disposal — you can use our equipment 24/7, find classes and custom training programs that work for your lifestyle and schedule, and meet coaches who understand your unique needs.

Take the first step toward your fitness goals and learn our team’s experiences with CrossFit style training classes today!

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