Create A Better Workforce With Fitness

Create A Better Workforce With Fitness

Authored by Audrey on April 17, 2018

What employer doesn’t want to have the best possible workers. You may already think you do. No matter how good they are, you can create a better workforce with fitness programs that provide a number of benefits for both of you. Helping employees get fitter can be as inexpensive as having a walking meeting or simply moving the equipment a distance so the employees have to take a break from sitting and walk to finish their work. It can be as expensive as putting in a gym for employees to use and giving a bonus for the best results.

No matter what your size, group sessions with a personal trainer can be a huge bonus for all employees.

Whether you’re a four man shop or a four hundred person facility, using the services of a personal trainer for your employees reaps huge benefits for a relatively inexpensive cost. Some insurance companies even lower premiums for employers that take this proactive approach, so it’s wise to check that out, too. Don’t worry, everyone doesn’t have to be at the same fitness level and nobody will feel left behind or bored. Trainers create individual programs for each participant. Even though it may look like everyone has the same workout, each person has a different goal that varies in form, intensity and number of repetitions based on the trainer’s assessment of the person’s fitness level.

Having a fitter workforce can lower sick days.

Each year in the US, worker illness and injury costs American companies 225.8 billion dollars. Even when employees don’t call in sick, some employees are coming to work ill, which lowers their productivity. As the work force faces more sedentary jobs, obesity also becomes a problem, as does chronic illness like diabetes and heart conditions. To reduce the risk of these chronic illnesses, a program of regular exercise and a healthy diet is often recommended. Personal trainers often provide both dietary information and a program of exercise. One interesting fact is that exercise programs can often lower injury rates, particularly those based on functional fitness.

You’ll watch office stress melt away at each session.

Not only is there tons of stress relief from each workout session, you’ll often find there’s bonding going on too. Bickering and backbiting tends to be less prevalent and employees often find they really like one another when they get together outside of the traditional office setting. The workouts are tough for everyone in the group, so everyone has empathy. You’ll often see people cheering each other on to victory.

  • You can add to employee health by taking extra steps. Provide fresh fruit for snacks or other healthy option during meetings, rather than the traditional Danish, cookies or donuts.
  • Give employees a bonus if they ride their bike to work or walk. For those that live a distance, where it’s just not possible, extend the offer to a combination of taking the train and biking the rest of the way. It’s eco friendly, too.
  • Groups who exercise together, tend to work harder than people who exercise alone. Your employees will see better results, not only from having a personal trainer, but also from working out in a group.
  • Providing healthy benefits, like working out with a trainer, can improve your employees morale and also boost their productivity. Exercise helps improve cognitive thinking.



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