Yoga Fit

Come try this fun and challenging new Yoga Fit Class! Mckenzie emphasizes breath-informed dynamic movement coupled with static holds to not only increase flexibility but to improve strength, mobility, and body awareness. Her practice is rooted in the Ashtanga method with Vinyasa influences, and she believes that anyone can do Yoga. She adapts the practice to meet each student’s individual needs to make the practice accessible to anyone.

    Class Structure

  1. Breath Work and Centering
  2. Warm-Up and Flow
  3. Standing Postures, Balancing, and Backbending
  4. Seated Stretching
  5. Final Relaxation and Integration

    This class is perfect for you if

  • You are looking to cultivate more mindfulness in your movement patterns
  • You are looking to create a sense of openness and stability in the body
  • You love to move your body and want to explore its range of motion in a fun and challenging environment

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Hey! It’s Time to Join the Yoga Club!
It doesn’t matter whether you never miss a day of stretches and poses, or you’re hoping to learn some yoga for beginners: in Boise, the best place to learn this ancient practice is right here at Jack City Fitness. The incredible Mckenzie Shier has recently joined our team as our resident yoga instructor, and since then, we’ve all been enamored with her advanced technique and accessible teaching methods.

A yoga lover since her teen years, Mckenzie has been sharing her love of the practice with others since 2015, when she completed her first teaching course. Since then, she’s gone on to receive her E-RYT 200 and RYT-500 certifications. Now, we’re happy to have her here, teaching yoga classes!

Idaho, yoga for beginners and experts alike has never been better! It’s time to join the yoga club right here in Boise. Yoga classes with Mckenzie are designed to emphasize breath-informed dynamic movement coupled with static holds to not only increase flexibility but to improve strength, mobility, and body awareness. Her practice is rooted in the Ashtanga method with Vinyasa influences.

Does Mckenzie Teach Yoga for Beginners?
In Boise, yoga classes are fun and for everyone, with Mckenzie’s Yoga Fit course.
We love Mckenzie’s attitude towards her passion. Her enthusiasm for the ancient practice translates towards her teaching work, which is firmly rooted in her belief that anybody can successfully do yoga. To ensure that all every partner in her Yoga Fit class is being attended to and treated as an individual. To ensure that her classes are enjoyable and productive for everybody, she takes care to adapt her practice to meet each student’s individual needs. Our partners love how accessible Mckenzie’s classes are! Yoga for beginners? In Boise, we’re lucky to have Jack City Fitness, where newbies quickly feel like pros.

What are Boise Yoga Classes Like?
We don’t know about all Boise yoga classes, but Mckenzie’s flagship class, Yoga Fit, is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Take a look at our class structure:

Breathwork and Centering
In yoga, breath is believed to be at the center of our life force (or prana). To make the most out of your yoga practice, it is essential to be in control of your breathwork. It’s for this reason that Mckenzie begins each of her Yoga Fit classes with a breathwork and centering session.

Warm-Up and Flow
Breathwork is followed by some dedicated warm-up time. This is designed to gently ease you into the trickier balancing postures that are to come.

Standing Postures, Balancing, and Backbending
When you think of yoga, it’s likely you’re imagining this part of the class. Balanced poses and postures are a crucial part of the yoga practice— and one that Mckenzie loves to teach.

Seated Stretching
However, not all yoga poses are a balancing act. Plenty of postures are done from the mat— and a portion of every Yoga Fit class dedicates some time to these essential poses.

Final Relaxation and Integration
At the end of every yoga session, Mckenzie leads her class in a final relaxation exercise. This is meant to help everybody absorb and “integrate” what they just did into their daily life.

How Do I Know if Yoga Fit is Right For Me?
As we said before, Mckenzie and the Jack City team believe that anybody and everybody can benefit from the practice of yoga. However, we especially recommend yoga if:

You Want to Practice Mindfulness— For Both Movement Patterns and Internally
Yoga and mindfulness go together like fitness and endorphins. The two are so connected that entire retreats and holistic centers are dedicated to the pair. (And are often in compelling international destinations— Bali, anyone?) The benefits of practicing mindfulness in your daily life are numerous for both your body and your mind and spirit. After mindfully practicing yoga for some time, you’ll likely find that you move more deliberately, and feel more mentally present in your daily life.

You Want to Find More Stability and Openness in Your Body
Practicing yoga is a fantastic way to physically strengthen your core, increase your stability, and encourage more flexibility or openness in your body. These attributes will benefit you more in your daily life than you’d ever expected.

You Love a Challenge
Though yoga is a fairly straightforward practice, it isn’t exactly easy! The yoga lifestyle involves hard work, a thirst for physical strength, and a powerful mind. Yes, anybody can do yoga, but they will need to work hard. Given the fact that one can always improve their form, it’s a challenge-lovers dream.

You Can’t Stop Moving and Exploring your Body’s Range of Motion
If you love to move, yoga is likely a fantastic match for you. It will allow you to fully explore your body’s range of motion, capacity for movement, and ability to hone your physical strength in brand new ways.

Does Jack City Fitness Only Offer Yoga Classes?
Idaho, don’t you worry. We know that your interests are vast, and you need a gym that reflects that. That’s why we offer a large array of workouts to suit everybody in Boise. Whether you choose to make new friends and push your limits in one of our classes, or enjoy 24-hour access to our sparkling gym, Jack City Fitness is here to make your experience out of this world— and that you’re in your best health. To further that, we even offer our partners exclusive nutritional counseling and dietary planning sessions!

Jack City Fitness is your leading sporting center in Boise— and the state. Our stellar team is passionate about fitness and physical health, and we’re here to support our local partners every step of the way.

Ready to see how you can reach new heights at Jack City, whether through a yoga class, or wherever your interests lay? Give us a call today to sign up for a free consultation!