• Mckenzie Shier

    Yoga Instructor
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Yoga Fit

Come try this fun and challenging new Yoga Fit Class! Mckenzie emphasizes breath-informed dynamic movement coupled with static holds to not only increase flexibility but to improve strength, mobility, and body awareness. Her practice is rooted in the Ashtanga method with Vinyasa influences, and she believes that anyone can do Yoga. She adapts the practice to meet each student’s individual needs to make the practice accessible to anyone.

    Class Structure

  1. Breath Work and Centering
  2. Warm-Up and Flow
  3. Standing Postures, Balancing, and Backbending
  4. Seated Stretching
  5. Final Relaxation and Integration

    This class is perfect for you if

  • You are looking to cultivate more mindfulness in your movement patterns
  • You are looking to create a sense of openness and stability in the body
  • You love to move your body and want to explore its range of motion in a fun and challenging environment