Build Muscle Mass Naturally

Build Muscle Mass Naturally

Authored by Audrey on February 3, 2018

As a fitness trainer, I find that most people want to lose weight or just feel better, so I tend to focus on those things. However, there is a portion of the population that have problems gaining weight and building muscle tissue. They don’t get very much sympathy from the rest of the world and often don’t get much help. This is for the skinny guy or gal that wants to put on muscle and build muscle mass naturally. It’s a few tips to getting the look you want in a healthy manner.

Eat more frequently to gain weight.

You may be trying to force feed yourself at two or three big meals during the day, but you can increase your calorie count and gain weight by eating five or six healthy meals throughout the day. Skinny is hard to overcome and doesn’t leave a lot of calories to build muscle tissue if your metabolism is already running at full force. Make eating a priority. Ask any skinny person when they ate last and they’ll often have to think about it, since it’s an afterthought. Eating every two to three hours gives your body something to metabolize so it can use that energy to build muscle tissue.

Get more out of a shorter workout.

You may think you’re doing yourself a favor by spending endless hours at the gym, but what you’re doing is actually counterproductive. The excess workout beyond an hour burns more calories and doesn’t really help you develop more muscle tissue. Work hard while you’re working and limit rest periods to less than a minute. You’ll get more muscles than you would casually working out for hours and taking longer breaks.

Limit supplements to protein powder and a sports drink like Gatorade.

You’ll see a lot of hype about muscle building supplements that contain everything you need for building muscle tissue and getting ripped. However, what you probably only need is healthy eating and maybe a bit of protein powder and a sports drink to replenish the fluid and minerals lost when you sweat. You can even get muscles without these, but if you feel the need to do something extra, those two are my recommendation. Even though I said you don’t need much beyond protein powder, another natural supplement that helps build muscle tissue is creatine. Creatine does help build muscles, but also aids in muscle recovery.

  • Increase reps or weights rather than the amount of time you spend working out. Making the workout more difficult as you progress is top priority.
  • Eat after your workout. If you’ve done the appropriate strength training for building muscles. Eating right after a workout will help ensure the calories are used to build those muscle tissues.
  • If eating five meals a day is too much, supplement two of the meals. Use a shake that contains high calories. Even something like Ensure Plus added to a smoothie or homemade smoothies of protein powder and fresh fruit can help you bulk up in a healthy manner.
  • Don’t fall prey to the easy fixes in your desire to build muscles. Stay far away from steroids, which are known to do more harm to your body than help. Testerone boosters and other supplements have little effect.