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You’ll never have to diet again when you get the help of a Boise nutritionist. A nutritionist can help you learn to make smarter choices when you’re selecting foods. Some of these changes may seem insignificant, but they do make a difference. For instance, brown rice is healthier than white rice, but also lower in calories. That’s a small change that not only provides more nutrition, it also lowers your calorie intake. The calories saved are just a few, but all those small changes add up to a huge savings without feeling deprived and leaving you hungry.

Some changes may be significant, depending on your present eating habits.

If you’re a junk food junkie, you’ll be faced with making some significant changes. Junk foods are foods that are often high in calories but contain little or no nutrition. They also are highly processed with ingredients that sound like a chemistry lesson. Many of these ingredients aren’t healthy if you consume them frequently. Some are actually toxic taken in large quantities. Trainers help you break the cycle and provide a diet that has more whole foods and fewer processed foods. Not only does it save calories, it builds your nutritional base. That doesn’t mean you never can eat your favorite foods, but will eat them far less frequently and in smaller amounts. Most people find that once they eat healthier, they lost their taste for junk food.

You may learn to cook healthier.

No matter how healthy the food is when you purchase it, the way you cook it makes a big difference too. If you’ve fried foods all your life, you’ll have massive changes to make. The new ways of cooking will include steaming, broiling, baking and grilling. However, these methods also preserve the flavor of the foods, so you and your family will enjoy them far more.

Personal trainers often provide nutritional information.

Some trainers have a background in nutrition, as well as one in fitness through exercise. They can help you by providing a fitness program designed specifically for your needs, as well as showing you a healthier way of eating. The trainer doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach in either the workout or nutritional plan. He or she first listens to your goals, special needs and then assesses your overall fitness before he or she designs the nutritional and workout plan.

  • You’ll never feel hungry when you eat healthy. In fact, many people say they eat even more than they did before they started.
  • You’ll learn how to plan ahead and do things like having easily accessible healthy snacks ready for mid-morning or mid-afternoon consumption so you don’t overeat at meals or raid the candy counter at the gas station on the way home from work.
  • The combination of healthy eating and regular exercise gets dramatic results quickly. You’ll feel the difference in just a few weeks and see the difference shortly afterward.
  • When you make lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier and exercising regularly, you’ll protect your body from serious conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis.
    Testimonial Picture of Joe W. (2)

    I’ve been a member for a few years and cannot say enough great things about them. Marshall and Jay have created and built an incredible gym second to none in the area. All of the trainers are professional, knowledgeable and care about their members. They have the highest quality equipment that is always clean and well maintained.

    Joe W.

    We LOVE Marshall @ Jack City Fitness. My kids have lots of issues with their body. Marshall has done so much to help them with their training and he is always setting new goals, finding new ways to keep them motivated, and the most important thing, he holds them accountable for themselves. He has a daily workout log which he goes over with them to ensure the kids understand what is expected of them.

    Judy S.
    Testimonial Picture of Megan K. (2)

    I love this place! The folks at Jack City are some of the most sincere and knowledgeable people around. Their workouts are custom made to your goals and fitness level. Combined with the fun and encouraging atmosphere, you are destined for success!

    Megan K.
    Testimonial Picture of Kaylee K. (2)

    Jack City Fitness is not your typical gym. You get a complete fitness work out plan and the trainers are so great and want to see you succeed in reaching your goals.

    Kaylee K.
    Testimonial Picture of Shanna P. (2)

    I never thought I would enjoy working out until I started training at JCF! The entire staff is experienced, helpful and encouraging! They all genuinely want you to succeed in your heath and fitness goals!

    Shanna P.

    This facility is an awesome place to train. the shooting range has synthetic ice which was awesome for improving my shot and stick handling. I highly recommend this place to train.

    Austin M.

    I have been in and out of fitness facilities throughout the country and trust me, Boise is very fortunate to have Jack City Fitness. Great group of trainers and with a refreshing approach to training and access to their facility.

    JP G.
    Testimonial Picture of Trever B. (2)

    As a busy, young entrepreneur I signed up for elite fitness classes to help save time from creating my own workouts. what I discovered is that not only do I save a ton of time but the classes absolutely kick my butt. There is no preparation on my end, all I have to do is show up. Jay and Dylan are very credible trainers that have really been helping me get back into tip top shape. JCF is the real deal.

    Trever B.

    I have been working out at JCF for over a year.  I love the staff and it’s the CLEANEST gym in Boise.   Everyone is so friendly and you definitely get personalized attention.  The trainers really care about you and make working out a lot of FUN!  I highly recommend Jack City Fitness!!

    Jodi W.
    Testimonial Picture of Britt T. (2)

    No other place/facility like this in Boise, not even close. Marshall and his group of trainers are the most educated and focused I’ve ever been around, and the cutting edge programs they teach and use are unlike anything I’ve ever seen and got my NCAA athlete son ready for his upcoming season in record time. We are a loyal JCF family now!

    Britt T.

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