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When you want to get fit, you can try to workout on your own or get professional help. That help could be from a personal trainer at a Boise boot camp. Personal trainers provide all the services they do for private clients at boot camps. They learn the goals of each person, find if they have any special needs and assess each member’s level of fitness in all areas; strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. Only then does the trainer design a personalized plan for each person in the group.

It may look like everyone’s doing the same exercise, but they’re really each doing something different.

Boot camps aren’t like exercise classes where everyone does a specific routine and attempt to follow the instructors every movement, often leaving some bored and others feeling left behind. Each person has his or her own set of goals. While everyone may be doing push-ups, some will do bent knee push-ups because they’re easier, while others will be doing regular ones. Some will have more reps or more intensity. Each person will have his or her own goal. That goal will be tough, but still within each person’s capability.

You’ll work hard, but you’ll get great results so it’s all worthwhile.

When you workout at a boot camp, it’s not easy. The trainer creates a program that will challenge you. You may not even think you will ever be able to do it. It won’t take long before you’ll find you not only can meet the goals, but feel comfortable while you’re working out. That means your level of fitness improved. That’s when the trainer makes the workout harder to match your new fitness level.

Boot camps can be a lot of fun.

Sure you’ll work hard, but everyone else will be working hard too. Each person in the camp knows how difficult it is to meet their goals, so there’s a lot of empathy for one another. People at boot camps often bond and cheer each other on to victory. There’s always cheers of encouragement and high-fiving after someone completes a difficult task. There’s a unity among boot camp groups.

  • Boot camps cost far less than private sessions. That’s because everyone shares in the cost of trainer’s time, making it less per person.
  • You’ll learn a lot of different exercises you can use at home after the boot camp ends.
  • The trainer will show you how to do each exercise correctly and watch you to ensure you do it right. Doing an exercise wrong can cause injury or reduce the benefit you get from it.
  • Some people sign up for boot camps to test the waters and see if they want to use a personal trainer.

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