The Benefits of Daily Exercise

Are there benefits to working out every day? Absolutely. Learn about what happens when you exercise every day—and the healthy and safe way to do so—from your friends at Jack City Fitness!

Is It Good to Exercise Every Day?

Can you exercise every day? Yes, of course. Should you exercise every day? Sure—after all, routine is an athlete’s greatest tool. By developing and sticking to a regimented routine, athletes can push themselves toward increased power, better form, and an overall easier and more enjoyable workout experience. However, it’s also important to work out safely.

When it comes to regular exercise, some athletes wonder if every day is overkill. Here at Jack City Fitness, we know that there are many benefits of exercising every day, but it’s crucial to treat your body with respect when it comes to a daily workout. 

You may be thinking, “But working out is treating my body with respect!” This is true—but respecting your body also means listening to its needs.

Let’s say you hit the gym every evening at 7 p.m., no matter what. We love the dedication. But if you slept weirdly on your neck or caught whatever bug is going around your toddler’s daycare, or had an unusually exhausting day, you need to remember that it’s okay to take a day off. 

Even the fittest, healthiest athletes choose to include a “rest day” in their weeks! The gym will be waiting for you to jump back in when you’re ready.

The Benefits of Regular Exercise

Daily exercise is fantastic for accountability, routine-building, and meeting goals. However, it isn’t 100% necessary. Those who exercise regularly (that means four to five times a week) will likely experience the same benefits as those who hit the gym daily.

Athletes who work out regularly can significantly decrease their chances of developing several life-threatening illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, forms of cancer, depression, and dementia. Regular exercise can also reduce the risk of injury, falls, and physical ailments in old age.

Should You Exercise Every Day, or Take a Day Off?

Is exercising every day too much? Some athletes worry that the risk of overworking their bodies outweighs the benefits of exercising every day. But exercising every day isn’t bad at all! As we already mentioned, it just requires athletes to listen to their bodies. Much of this comes down to finding the right routine. 

When it comes to daily exercise, our coaches recommend that athletes select a workout that is fairly short and not too intense. This means that workouts like multi-hour runs, lengthy lift sessions, or super-intense routines like HIIT are not intended for every single day. For those who prefer a daily workout, we recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise per session.

30 Minutes of Exercise a Day

By including 30 minutes of moderate exercise in your day, you can enjoy the many benefits of a regular workout without risking injury or strain. A few ideas for moderate exercise include dance, water aerobics, tennis, and cycling under 10 mph.

Are There Any Benefits of Working Out Twice a Day?

Yes, there are benefits of working out twice a day—but it must be done with care. Remember, this type of workout schedule is ty

pically reserved for elite athletes or someone training for something very specific.

A twice-daily workout will indeed help your muscles grow, cut down on sedentary time, and enhance your overall athletic performance. However, athletes who engage in this much daily gym time can also risk injury or overtraining. 

In general, we recommend that a training schedule this intense be done under the watchful eye of a fitness coach. A professional coach will be able to help you find the right way to work out, whether that’s every day, twice a day, or five times a week. 

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