Austin Snyder

NASM-Certified Personal Trainer
NASM-Weight Loss Specialist
Lean Mass Gain
Weight Loss
Nutritional Guidance

Austin began playing the great game of hockey at four years of age. From that time forward, he looked for new ways to become a better athlete. He began off-ice training when he was ten years old and saw an immediate change in his performance on the ice. At that time, he realized how important training was to improving on-ice performance. As Austin’s interest for fitness began to grow, he began to educate himself on how to train and eat to optimize performance. These daily habits landed him a spot on the Idaho Junior Steelheads roster when he was only sixteen years old and the Las Vegas Storm 18AAA team at seventeen years old.

Following these two competitive seasons, Austin decided to begin his degree in Health Sciences at Boise State University where he became interested in Bodybuilding. He decided to enter a men’s physique competition. During that time, he experimented with unique training styles particular to physique and bodybuilding versus athletic performance. Austin learned a tremendous amount about how to train individuals with similar goals. Consequently, he enjoys training athletes, bodybuilders, and weight-loss clients because of his experience in all three areas.